ENGL 568 A: Topics In Composition Studies

Topics in Composition Studies: Basic Writing

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MW 1:30pm - 3:20pm
SAV 168
China March 2017
Gail Stygall

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Rather than a “how to” course on how to “fix” basic writers, this course will consider the various subjectivities of the to “basic writers.” Although most compositionists will look the other way, basic writing is foundational to the whole enterprise of rhetoric and composition in the country. We’ll look at some of the better representations and we will also look at advertising for basic writing materials and assess their appropriateness. Grab all the basic writing texts you can from the publisher reps. If you have not already taught any facet of the writing for less traditionally prepared students, I will expect you to attend at least two classes here or even better at a local community college. Because at least two of our texts follow particular programs, I will try to make arrangements for us to look at the archives here on the beginning of the EOP and SSS Programs as well as the Instructional Center. There is also a very useful video on the era of the start up of these programs and their main players. Vigorous discussion, reports on other works in the area, and some preliminary archival work on our own programs will be the basis for evaluation.

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Covers various issues in composition studies including: the history of composition study, contemporary composition theory, basic writing, service-learning pedagogy, engaged scholarship, new media and digital studies, writing assessment, writing across the curriculum, and writing program administration.
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