ENGL 121 D: Composition: Social Issues

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Holly Shelton

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Multi-literacies & Transforma(c)tions

~ Service Learning & Computer Integrated Composition ~


 The course has three main organizing strands, which are woven together throughout the course.  For the first strand, you will focus on writing and literacy across modalities and communities (and your own positions within and across those communities) in order to build up your background knowledge about your own literacy practices and service learning situations.

In the second strand, you will focus on writing about, with and for your communities.  The about will be based on research and observations at your service learning site, and individual topics you might explore could be how technology, gender, or culture influences (and is influenced by) participation in literacy activities. The with and for could be some kind of newsletter, remixing or creating a home page, or something else that would be something useful for your service learning organization.  

The third strand is preparing a portfolio that demonstrates the course outcomes.  This includes revising previous compositions and composing a cover letter explaining how these projects demonstrate the course outcomes.






Catalog Description: 
Focuses on the study and practice of good writing: topics derived from a variety of personal, academic, and public subjects. Includes a service-learning component allowing students to engage with and write about social issues in applied ways.. Cannot be taken if student has already received a grade of 2.0 or higher in either ENGL 111, ENGL 121, or ENGL 131.
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English Composition (C)
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Service Learning
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