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ENGL 440 B: Special Studies In Literature

Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf

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TTh 1:30pm - 3:20pm
SMI 115
Sydney Kaplan
Sydney Kaplan

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English 440:  Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf

The course will focus on the major works of two important modernist women writers.  Mansfield and Woolf were innovators and experimenters, women of vision and authority.  Both the novel and short story genres were permanently altered by their achievements.  Although they came from dissimilar backgrounds, grew up in different countries (Woolf in England, Mansfield in New Zealand), and experienced different roles in life, they drew together as colleagues and friends, and undeniably, influenced each other as writers of fiction.  We will consider in this course such issues as women’s  relationship to modernism, questions of feminist aesthetics, and other topics to be formulated by class members.  Close (and extensive) reading, oral reports, and various writing assignments will be required.   Texts will include Katherine Mansfield Stories, essays by Mansfield and Woolf, and the following novels by Virginia Woolf:  Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, The Waves, and Between the Acts.  Students will also read Woolf’s Moments of Being (memoirs) and A Room of Ones Own.

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Themes and topics offering special approaches to literature.
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Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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