ENGL 585 A: Advanced Poetry Workshop

Advanced Poetry Workshop

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T 4:30pm - 7:50pm
THO 231
Pimone Triplett
Pimone Triplett

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An intensive poetry workshop for MFA poetry students. Published poems will be the focus of various class discussions, often with a view toward a specific craft or thematic issue revealed by student poems submitted for that particular day, or revealed as helpful for the group overall. Special attention will be paid to the art of revision and the discoveries of thematic structure or pattern creation. Work may include but is not limited to: an ongoing reading and writing log, the production of 5-8 “finished” poems, with drafts of more. Students can expect to have their own work critiqued by the group every 2-3 weeks, and to critique the work of others every week.

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Prerequisite: graduate standing.
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March 16, 2016 - 3:58pm