ENGL 537 A: Topics In American Studies

Methods in Critical Race, Feminist, and Queer Cultural Studies

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TTh 11:30am - 1:20pm
PAR 306
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Stephanie Clare

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What makes for a “good” scholarly project in critical race studies, feminist and queer cultural studies? How does one define a project? What is doable? What methods do we use? To address these questions, this course has students read a series of well-received first monographs in the field, looking back at the dissertations these projects emerged from and considering fellowship materials and proposals written to support these projects. We talk about how the projects are framed; we detail the questions that are posed; we consider various methodological approaches; and we read reviews of the work. Along the way, students get an overview to key, contemporary issues in the field. 
Assignments include writing a book review (hopefully for publication) and a literature review. Students also prepare a presentation for one seminar.
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