ENGL 378 A: Special Topics in Theories/Methods

Feminist Re/vision in Contemporary Fiction

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TTh 9:30am - 11:20am
DEM 124
Alys Weinbaum
Alys Eve Weinbaum

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This course takes up the question of how feminist writers have gone back to their own earlier works (and those by other feminists) in order to revise their understanding of feminist politics, feminist political solidarities, and the role of feminism in creating a more liberated, anti-racist future.  The development of two authors’ works over time will be our focus:  Toni Morrison and Margaret Atwood.  Alongside novels by each we will also read a variety of feminist theoretical inter-text by black and/or poststructuralist feminist theorists.  Students taking this course should be prepared to read both fiction and theory, to work collaboratively with other students, and to submit two analytical papers over the course of the quarter.

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Introduces and explores a specific area of theory or method as it has influence the production, practice, or study of literature, language, and culture in English.
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