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ENGL 498 A: Senior Seminar

English 498A + English 491B = the Community Literacy Program

Meeting Time: 
MW 10:30am - 12:20pm
PAR 206
Joint Sections: 
ENGL 298 A
Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill
Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill

Additional Details:

A capstone for English majors that serves as a bridge between undergraduate and Teacher Education Program curriculum and offers an opportunity to work in partnership with public school students and teachers as you complete your undergraduate degree.

In English 498A (5 credits) students will meet twice weekly on campus (MW 10:30-12:20) in a writing-intensive capstone seminar focused on understanding and responding to difference and inequality, learning effective inclusive methods of working with each other and with public school students, and exploring some central challenges and opportunities for transformative public education.  We'll use discussion, writing and presentation to inquire into, develop, and communicate our thinking about these issues as they relate to our academic, personal, civic and career goals. The final assignment sequence will be career-related writing, taught in collaboration with the UW Career Center.

In English 491B (C/NC; 3 credits) you put what you learn on campus into action, volunteering (4-5 hours a week, on a schedule you arrange) at one of our partner public schools.  English 491B will appear on your transcript as an internship. English 491 may be used toward the field work requirement or as an elective in the Education, Learning and Society Minor, and provides documentation of school-based experience needed for application to Teacher Education programs.

For add codes and with questions: contact instructor Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill,

Catalog Description: 
Seminar study of special topics in language and literary study. Limited to seniors majoring in English.
GE Requirements: 
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
Writing (W)
Other Requirements Met: 
Service Learning
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