ENGL 210 A: Medieval and Early Modern Literature, 400 to 1600

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MTWTh 8:30am - 9:20am
MGH 058
Carol Robertson
Carol Robertson

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English 210—Introduction to English Renaissance Poetry:   

Turning Sonnets, Songs, and Psalms in Shakespeare’s Day

“I am sure I shall turn [a] sonnet. Devise, wit; write, pen” – Shakespeare’s Armado in Love’s Labor’s Lost

Instructor:  Carol Robertson

Class location/time:  MGH 058, MTWTh, 8:30 - 9:20 a.m.

Office:  Padelford, B5F; however, office hours will be in Odegaard 326

Office hours:  Wednesday:  12-2 p.m. and by appointment

Class website:   https://canvas.uw.edu/courses

Email: carolr3@u.washington.edu

What was it like to be a writer or a reader of poetry in Shakespeare’s Day?  The boundaries between reading and writing poems may be more fluid than you have imagined.  And, what does it mean when we say many great English poets used “iambic pentameter"?  As we explore the forms and development of English lyric poetry—engaging with selections from Wyatt, Surrey, Sidney, Marlow, Spenser, Shakespeare, Herbert, Donne, and Milton—you will sharpen your critical-analysis (close reading) skills and discover why so many readers relish a good poem.  For those who love to test their creative skills, some assignments will provide a creative-writing option in which you will try your own hand at turning (writing) sonnets or psalms in sixteenth-century style.  Throughout this journey, we’ll explore what it meant to be both a poet and a reader of poetry in a culture where active readers were anxious to make use of the texts they read. Be prepared to contribute to a highly interactive classroom environment.  Course assignments will include weekly Canvas short-analysis posts, a group presentation, short assignments, a major paper, and a final project and presentation.

Full syllabus:  English210Syllabus.pdf

 Text Books: 

Norton Anthology of English Literature--Volume B:  The Sixteenth Century/Early Seventeenth Century.  ISBN: 978-0-393-91250-0 (available at the University Bookstore)

Norton Critical Editions Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare (Author), Gordon McMullan (Editor, King's College London)  Paperback.  ISBN: 978-0-393-92626-2 (available at the University Bookstore)


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Introduces literature from the Middle Ages and the Age of Shakespeare, focusing on major works that have shaped the development of literary and intellectual traditions of these periods. Offered: AWSp.
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
Writing (W)
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