ENGL 494 B: Honors Seminar

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TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
PAR 212
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Stephanie Clare

Syllabus Description:

The “Human” and the “Anthropocene”
This course interrogates the category “human” in interdisciplinary scholarship on the “Anthropocene.”  “The discourse of humanism,” Linda Alcoff writes, is "continually used as a smokescreen for oppression, to divert attention away from discriminatory practices and identity-based patterns of segregation and exclusion” (290).  Many scholars agree with Alcoff’s claim. But does climate change require that we revisit the critique of universal humanism? How can we think of global climate change without erasing human inequality and difference? How can we reimagine the “human”? This honors seminar addresses these questions through the analysis of science writing, feminist, queer, postcolonial, and critical race theory, ecocriticism, and twentieth-century South African and African-American literature. Students write regular reading responses and compose a longer, scaffolded research paper. 
Catalog Description: 
Survey of current issues confronting literary critics today, based on revolving themes and topics. Focuses on debates and developments affecting English language and literatures, including questions about: the relationship of culture and history; the effect of emergent technologies on literary study; the rise of interdisciplinary approaches in the humanities.
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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Honors Course
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