ENGL 484 A: Advanced Prose Workshop

Meeting Time: 
T 4:30pm - 7:20pm
DEN 110
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David Bosworth

Syllabus Description:

ENGL 484 -  Advanced Prose Workshop

Instructor: David Bosworth  davidbos@uw.edu

Schedule: T 430-720P DEN 110

This is the last in the undergraduate sequence of creative prose workshops; it is presumed, therefore, that you have both some familiarity with the fundamentals of short fiction and some specific ambitions as a story writer. You will be required to complete two separate stories (8-20 pages) by quarter’s end, on specific due dates, with the optional opportunity to turn in a rewrite of your first manuscript near quarter’s end. This course has been designed for maximum flexibility but because student work will be exchanged, promptness on due dates is required. If you are not interested in, and willing to comment conscientiously upon, other students' work, you do not belong in this course. Fiction writing is a serious way of knowing the world, and no time will be squandered on analyzing the strictly commercial marketplace, or on how one might reduplicate fiction whose only function is the passing of time or the making of money. No children’s fiction or rote genre fiction.

Catalog Description: 
Intensive prose workshop. Emphasis on the production and discussion of student fiction and/or creative nonfiction. Prerequisite: ENGL 383; ENGL 384.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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