ENGL 281 B: Intermediate Expository Writing

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MTWTh 12:00pm - 2:10pm
BNS 115
Norman Wacker
Norman Wacker

Syllabus Description:

ENGL 281 B - Intermediate Expository Writing (Science Writing and Society)


The primary objective of this course is to establish an interactive classroom community to engage recent scientific research papers and science reporting that have important consequences for contemporary social issues, including global health, the nature of aggression and warfare, genetic engineering, climate change and advances in medical research. As we do so we will practice--, whatever our majors and interests--the patterns of knowledge creation practiced in the natural sciences with emphasis on its, commitment to a systematic way of thinking, and allegiance to a way of building on existing knowledge and explaining the universe through testing and factual observation. We will also emphasize the critical role science writing and reporting play in the construction, spread and application of new t knowledge.

Reading List

“Commencement Address at the California Institute of Technology June, 2016,” ”The Science of Science Writing.”

““Contrasting Futures for Ocean and Society from Different Anthropogenic CO2 Emission Scenarios”

 “Emergence of Individuality in Genetically Identical Mice;”  

“Investigating the zoonotic origin of the West African Ebola epidemic;”

 “A new antibiotic kills pathogens without detectable resistance;”

“Bees at War: Interspecific Battles and Nest Usurpation in Stingless Bees;”

“Designing Tomorrow’s Vaccines;”

“Genomic Engineering and the Future of Medicine:”

 “Neural correlates of verbal creativity: differences in resting-state functional connectivity associated with expertise in creative writing.”

Catalog Description: 
Writing papers communicating information and opinion to develop accurate, competent, and effective expression.
GE Requirements: 
English Composition (C)
Writing (W)
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