ENGL 563 A: Research Methods in Language and Rhetoric

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TTh 3:30pm - 5:20pm
SIG 229
Nancy Bou Ayash
Nancy Bou Ayash

Syllabus Description:

This course introduces you to key scholarly issues, designs and methods in language and rhetoric. We will begin the course by exploring various kinds of scholarship in the field (e.g., historical, theoretical, rhetorical, empirical, etc.) and the broad, diverse range of methods that are employed (including but not limited to critical ethnography, case studies, survey, interviews, narrative inquiry, etc.). These explorations will be framed within critical conversations about positionality, politics, ethics and representation in research approaches and practices.

Our work and conversations during the second half of the course will contribute to rethinking the ways in which the field views and enacts its study, analysis, and representation of everyday and academic language and literacy practices. More specifically, we will be exploring what research methods and methodologies to adopt and adapt as we attempt to more effectively understand and attend to the mobile, translingual, transnational, and transmodal character of language and literacy in the 21st century.

As this course is designed to deepen your understanding of research in language and rhetoric today and help you develop a sense of how to put together an effective research project and design methods to achieve your goals as teacher-scholars, a portion of your work will entail developing a preliminary research proposal in preparation for your dissertation projects.English 563 Syllabus (Winter 2019).docx

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Introduces research theories and methodological approaches in language and rhetoric. Methods and content focus include ethnography, corpus analysis, case study, discourse analysis, rhetorical criticism, and various other qualitative and quantitative research methods.
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