Doctor of Philosophy Program Guide: Reading List Meeting

Timeline and Satisfactory Progress:
  • The required meeting often takes place before the end of the student’s pre-exam year (the end of the third year for students entering the MA program, by the end of the second year for post-Master’s students).
  • The required meeting must take place at least six weeks before requesting the scheduling of exams.
  • Once all three reading lists are compiled, the student submits copies to all committee members and with their consent arranges a Reading List Meeting to discuss the lists, the format of the written and oral exams, and a tentative schedule for the exams.
  • At this meeting, the reading lists are finalized and given formal approval.
  • The meeting is attended by the student and all Ph.D. Exam Committee members except the Graduate School Representative.
  • The Committee formally approves the reading lists by signing the Reading List Approval Form, which the student submits with original signatures to the English Graduate Office along with a copy of the approved lists.