Doctor of Philosophy Program Guide: Syllabus

  • The appointment of the Ph.D. Exam Committee Chair is made at the time of admission to the doctoral program.
  • Ideally, the full committee should be constituted before completion of Ph.D. coursework, but must be set up officially through MyGradProgram, including the GSR, at least three months before requesting the scheduling of Ph.D. exams.
  • Within the next few weeks, the student should make an appointment with the Graduate Director to discuss the exams and, if not yet in place, the formation of the Supervisory Committee.

A syllabus on one of the written exam areas is required as a component in the student’s preparation for the profession and to prompt thinking about texts not only in scholarly but also in pedagogical terms. The syllabus should be at least two to four pages and include a description of the course, course rationale, and reading list. The syllabus is to be turned in at the last written exam.