E.G. - A Journal of Exemplary Undergraduate Scholarship

Housed at the University of Washington, e.g. (translated from Latin as “for example”) began as the university’s online journal for first year composition courses. In 2016, under new leadership, e.g. relaunched as a journal of expository writing committed to showcasing exemplary compositions produced by undergraduates across the country and to providing these emerging scholars with a platform for their ideas.
Published three times annually, e.g. seeks to engage and cultivate timely and stake-driven conversations amongst undergraduates across campuses, encouraging students to actively participate in contemporary academia and public scholarship. These conversations cover a range of topics, but we are especially committed to submissions that demonstrate rigorous engagement with issues of social justice, transformative education, politics, identity, and cultural production. We further encourage submissions in any genre, from traditional research essay to digitized art and multimodal compositions. Please see submission guidelines for more details.

 Please visit our official website at: E.G.: A Journal of Exemplary Undergraduate Scholarship