EWP Writing Resources

There are many useful, extensive, and well-maintained lists of online resources for writers. The follwing links focus on resources most relevant to students writing in Expository Writing Program courses and on the UW campus. For resources for multilingual students, click here or scroll down. For resources from portfolio workshops, click here or scroll down.

Campus Research and Technology Resources

  • The UW Libraries offer excellent help, in person and online. Their website includes research databases, citation guides, and research tutorials.
  • UW's office of Learning and Scholarly Technologies offers an array of computer tools, classes, and software free to UW students.

Campus Writing Centers

  • Odegaard Writing and Research Center offers free tutoring to all UW students by appointment as well as free targeted tutoring for English language learners in composition courses.
  • CLUE, The Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment, offers free drop-in tutoring for all UW students.
  • The Instructional Center offers free drop-in tutoring for all UW undergraduates affiliated with the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity.
  • Student-Athlete Academic Services offers academic support to UW student-athletes.
  • Check with individual departments to see if they have a writing center or suggested writing tutors.

Online Writing Resources

  • Purdue's Online Writing Lab, OWL, has an extensive collection of materials useful to writers and teachers, including guides and exercises on general writing, research and citation, English as a second langauge writing, and academic conventions.
  • Ask Betty is a UW-designed grammar resource center. It answers common grammar questions and offers guidance for responding to instructor feedback.
  • The website for The Everyday Writer includes a number of free exercizes, tutorials, and tip sheets.

Other Campus Programs and Resources

Multilingual and International Student Resources

  • To graduate or apply for certain majors, you will need 5 “English Composition” (“C” credits) and up to 10 “Additional Writing” (W-Credits

The Expository Writing Program (EWP) (C-Credit)

The EWP has a variety of courses that you can take to fulfill your “C-credit requirement.  Some of these courses have sections designed specifically for international and multilingual students.  These sections are called “MLL” sections and they say “Multilingual Students Only” in the time schedule.

 These courses have the same requirements as other sections, but they have fewer students and are taught by teachers with experience teaching English as a second language.

  • MLL 131 Offered every quarter. This is the most common c-credit course.
  • MLL 121 Offered once or twice per year. For this course, you will do volunteer work with an off-campus organization and write about your experiences.
  • MLL 182/282 Offered sometimes. You compose multimodal projects (projects that involve not only writing, but also pictures, video, etc.)

The Interdisciplinary Writing Program (IWP) (C-Credit OR W-Credit)

 The IWP offers writing courses that are based on the content of another class you are taking, like History, Astronomy, Biology or Psychology. In IWP classes you write about things that you are studying already! These courses also give “C-Credit.” If you have your C-Credit, you can take additional links for W-Credit.

  •  ENGL 197, 198, and 199 are linked with lecture courses at the 100-level. ENGL 297, 298, and 299 are linked with courses at the 200-level and above. Some sections are “MLL” sections.

 Academic Achievement Courses) (W-Credit)

 These 3-credit courses meet once per week and can count for “W-Credits.” You will build academic skills like note-taking, test-taking, and essay writing. You will also meet with a tutor three hours per week to work on class assignments and learn about university resources. Some sections are “MLL” sections.

[Additional writing support courses that do not give “C” or “W” credits]

These are small, ungraded, 2-credit support courses that meet twice per week to give extra writing help to students who are taking a “C” or “W” credit class.

This is a 1-credit program at the Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC) that will support you as you take an intensive writing or an intensive reading class. It will give you free tutoring in the same small group with the same tutor each week.

This program offers a series of courses designed to improve academic English skills. These courses are NOT covered by regular tuition and charge extra fees, but they do give UW elective credits.

This program offers a wide variety of English language courses. These courses are NOT covered by regular tuition and do NOT give college credit.

[Additional Language and Social Resources]

  • FIUTS:  (The Foundation for International Understanding Through Students) offers programs that build international awareness, cross-cultural communication, and informed leadership.  FIUTS organizes social events & activities, English and Culture Conversation Groups (Wednesdays and Thursdays), a language exchange program, homestay and friendship programs with local Seattle hosts, and a Connections Program to help build relationships across cultures.
  • Unite UW: This is a quarterly program that pairs up international students and domestic students through weekly meet-ups and a 2-night retreat. It’s fun and free! You can apply on its official website.
  • OWRC:Free tutoring at Odegaard Library (Appointments required)
  • CLUE:  Free late-night tutoring at Mary Gates Hall (No Appointment Necessary)              
  • Disciplinary Writing Centers: These give writing advice for specific disciplines, like History, Philosophy, or Political Science.           
  • SPCH 111 focuses on speech sounds of American English. Students practice listening and using American speech sounds and intonation patterns (Credit/no-credit).
  • The Speaking Center: A safe space for all students to practice public speaking. Students can sign up for a 20-minute tutoring session to practice speaking and receive feedback from a speaking tutor.
  • The Language Learning Center (LLC):In Denny Hall, you can find the LLC, which has thousands of language learning resources for many languages, including English.
  • International Student Services:  This office is in Schmitz Hall, and it helps with visa issues, off-campus employment, and travel advice.
  • The OMAD Instructional center: Offers tutoring, study groups, workshops, and other academic support for students from low-income families, students who will be the first in their family to graduate from a four-year college, and under-represented minority students.

To receive additional information and/or to give updated information, contact: TJ Walker, MLL Coordinator for the Expository Writing Program, tjwalker@uw.edu

Clue Portfolio Workshop Materials

Fall 2017 

Workshop I (November 30th)

Workshop II (December 5th)

Winter 2018 

Workshop I (March 1st)

Workshop II (March 6th)

Spring 2018 

Workshop I (May 24th)

Workshop II (May 30th)