EWP Writing Resources

There are many useful, extensive, and well-maintained lists of online resources for writers. The follwing links focus on resources most relevant to students writing in Expository Writing Program courses and on the UW campus.

Campus Research and Technology Resources

  • The UW Libraries offer excellent help, in person and online. Their website includes research databases, citation guides, and research tutorials.
  • UW's office of Learning and Scholarly Technologies offers an array of computer tools, classes, and software free to UW students.

Campus Writing Centers

  • Odegaard Writing and Research Center offers free tutoring to all UW students by appointment as well as free targeted tutoring for English language learners in composition courses.
  • CLUE, The Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment, offers free drop-in tutoring for all UW students.
  • The Instructional Center offers free drop-in tutoring for all UW undergraduates affiliated with the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity.
  • Student-Athlete Academic Services offers academic support to UW student-athletes.
  • Check with individual departments to see if they have a writing center or suggested writing tutors.

Online Writing Resources

  • Purdue's Online Writing Lab, OWL, has an extensive collection of materials useful to writers and teachers, including guides and exercises on general writing, research and citation, English as a second langauge writing, and academic conventions.
  • Ask Betty is a UW-designed grammar resource center. It answers common grammar questions and offers guidance for responding to instructor feedback.
  • The website for The Everyday Writer includes a number of free exercizes, tutorials, and tip sheets.

Other Campus Programs and Resources