Master of Arts Program Guide: Coursework


The degree can be completed in a minimum of three quarters, should be completed within five full-time quarters, and must be completed within six full-time quarters to maintain satisfactory progress.

Forty (40) credit hours in graded graduate courses are required for the MA degree, including:

Students electing to take a terminal master's degree may substitute five (5) graduate seminar credits for the Master's Essay. If they subsequently decide to continue toward the Ph.D., they must complete the Master's Essay.

What counts:

  • 500- & 600-level graded English graduate courses
  • Credit for courses taken outside of the department require approval by the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Students may petition the Director of Graduate Studies to transfer up to five (5) credits taken as a graduate student at another institution.

What doesn't:

  • 100- through 400- level courses
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Internships