Recent News

UW English Department alum Jane Wong (Ph.D 2016) has been named as the 2017 James W. Ray Distinguished Artist by the Artist Trust | Frye Art Museum Consortium. Currently in its fourth year, the James W. Ray Distinguished Artist Award of $50,000 is the largest cash grant available to... Read more
The Expository Writing Program invites proposals for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Collaboration Grants for 2017-2018. We plan to fund 5-8 collaborative group projects that focus on developing composition curriculum, teacher resources, and/or research initiatives that center issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the writing classroom. To learn more about the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Collaboration Grant, please go to the following webpage, containing the... Read more
Juliet Shields
Juliet Shields has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor, and Priti Sandhu and Jesse Oak Taylor have been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.   Congratulations on promotions well-earned. In additional personnel news, the English Department warmly welcomes three new members to the professional staff who keep us upright and smiling.  Suman... Read more
Books Study College
Not only professors won the Simpson Center’s Society of Scholars Fellowships (See Faculty Notes).   Graduate student Elizabeth Janssen has also been awarded support for her dissertation project, Terms and Conditions: Race, Literary Value, and US Reading Publics. And likewise, the following... Read more
stephen burt the poem is you
English Department Chair Brian Reed recommends The Poem Is You: 60 Contemporary American Poems and How to Read Them, by Stephen Burt.  “Burt is a first-rate literary critic, and The Poem Is You is perhaps her best book yet, a tour of sixty poems published since 1980. Short essays concisely introduce readers to the wild, weird, and exciting... Read more
Lucas Peters
Award-winning author Lucas M. Peters (BA, '03) recently penned and photographed the Moon Morocco Travel Guide (2017) with Avalon Publishing. His articles, essays, short stories, poems, photos, and videos have appeared in Creative Nonfiction, Ploughshares, Transitions Abroad, The Voyage Report, and various other magazines and websites. He has been a travel consultant for... Read more
Tim Ryan
Since departing our fair institution, alumnus Timothy Ryan (B.A. Creative Writing ’79; B.A. Journalism; M.A. International Studies ’88) has made a busy career of global workers advocacy.  Ryan is the Asia Regional Program Director for the Washington, DC based AFL-CIO Solidarity Center.  In this position he is responsible for overseeing all Solidarity Center programs for Asia,... Read more
Alysse Hotz Climbing
Alysse Hotz, like all of our graduate students working on Ph.D.s, pours blood, sweat, and we hope an absolutely minimal number of tears into her dissertation.  What’s not so typical is Hotz’s living arrangement for much of this work.  For as much of the year as can be made to work around her on-campus commitments, Hotz writes her dissertation on the road in her van.  Why does she choose to, literally, park her laptop in dusty lots and campgrounds?  Look to the horizon; our campus is surrounded... Read more
puget sound writing consortium
  For nearly 35 years, the University of Washington and English Department played an integral role in the success of the Puget Sound Writing Project (PSWP), inspiring effective writing teachers and student writers from Vancouver to Bellingham.  PSWP’s writing consultants ran writing institutes for K-12 faculty in Seattle, Tacoma, Burlington, South Whidbey Island, Peninsular, North Shore, and other districts.  They consulted in local... Read more
Roger Sale
I met Roger Sale in the summer of 1972, very shortly after I had arrived in Seattle from UC Berkeley as a new assistant professor.  I first heard about him from Alan Fisher, another faculty member who was to become one of my closest friends.  Alan had painted Roger as larger than life—though not in the most standard of ways.  “Roger,” Alan told me, “will bet on anything.  If two birds are sitting on a fence, he’ll take a bet on which one will fly away first.”  A few days later I met Roger... Read more