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Contents: A Note From Our Chair / Anis Bawarshi, Student Awards and Achievements, Alumni News and Notes, Faculty Books, MFA Program Graduates Publish at Impressive Rates, Faculty Retirements / Linda Bierds, Sydney Kaplan, Mark Patterson, Recommended Reading / Professor Jessica Burstein, In Memoriam / David Wagoner (1926-2021)
Contents: A Note From Our Chair / Anis Bawarshi, In Memoriam: William Henry Matchett 1923-2021, English Department Welcomes New Faculty, Faculty and Staff Notes, English and the Humanities Adapt and Thrive, Recommended Reading, Undergraduate Interview / Zachary Datko, Pre-med English Major
Contents: A Note From the Chair, Retirements / Gail Stygall, Student Awards and Achievements, Recommended Reading, Literature, Language, Culture: A Dialogue Series, UW English in the Press, Alumni Updates Spring 2021, Retirements / Professor Sandra Silberstein, Faculty Books
Contents: Note From Our Chair / Anis Bawarshi, Retirements / Professor Juan Guerra, Three New Professors Join the English Department, Faculty Books, Alumni Updates, In Memoriam / Professor Emeritus Edward Alexander, Student Awards and Achievements, Faculty and Staff Notes, Transitioning to Teaching Online in a Time of Crisis, Staff Profile / Nancy Sisko, Director of Undergraduate Advising, Retirement / Nikolai Popov, In the Press: Professor Shawn Wong
Contents: Note From English Department Chair Anis Bawarshi, Review of David Shields’ Documentary Marshawn Lynch: A History, Student Awards and Achievements, Professor Maya Sonenberg on the Centennial of Influential Local Choreographer Merce Cunningham, Faculty and Staff Notes, Alumni Updates
Contents: A Note from the Acting Chair / Anis Bawarshi, Profile of UW English Professor Wayne Burns (1916-2012), Student Awards and Achievements,  “Frankenreads” at UW Celebrates Mary Shelley’s Gothic Classic, Faculty Notes, Faculty Books, Recommended Reading / Staff Favorites, Retirements / Professor Joseph Butwin, English Minor Interview / STEM Major Isabelle Tully, Gillian Harkins Awarded Barclay Simpson Prize
Contents: A Note From our Chair / Anis Bawarshi, Lee Scheingold Lecture in Poetry and Poetics, Graduate Student Awards and Achievements, Faculty and Staff Notes, Recommended Reading / PhD Candidates Fill Your Winter Shelf, Alumni Updates, In Memoriam / Professor Robert David Stevick, In Memoriam / Professor Robert Bruce Stanton, New Book by David Shields, UW's Renaissance Man, Artists and Writers, by the Book
Contents: A Note From Our Chair / Brian Reed, Faculty and Staff Notes, Student Awards and Honors, Faculty Publications, Recommended Reading: Creative Writing Grad Student Edition, Graduate Student Profile / Sarah Faulkner, Jane Austen Bicentenary Brings 800 to UW Campus , London Calling: The City Is The Classroom, New Faculty / Rae Paris, Wings to London Scholarship Benefits English Undergrads Seeking to Study Abroad, Alumni Updates, In Memoriam: John Coldewey, Robert Shulman, 1930-2017, Study Abroad Program Partner Geopoetika Wins 2018 LBF Excellence Award for Literary Translation
Contents: A Note From Our Chair / Brian Reed, Jane Wong Chosen as the 2017 James W. Ray Distinguished Artist, Faculty and Staff Notes, Awards / Graduate Students, Recommended Reading / Faculty Suggest Winter Books, Alumni Interview / Lucas Peters on Morocco, Paris, and Life as a Travel Scribe, Alumni Updates / Tim Ryan, Graduate Student Profile / Alysse Hotz, Puget Sound Writing Consortium Carries Forward Work of Puget Sound Writing Project, In Memory and Celebration of Roger Sale / by Professor John Webster, New Faculty / James "Rush" Daniel
Contents: A Note From the Chair / Brian Reed, English Department Student Success, Faculty Publications, Ties to Surfing Culture in the English Department, English Department Hosts Visiting Lecture Panel on Post-Election Pedagogy, Faculty Awards / McCue, Sonenberg Finalists for UW Distinguished Teaching Award; Gillis-Bridges, LaPorte, Helterbrand Take Departmental Honors, Book Recommendations / English Faculty Suggest Summer Reading, Alumni Updates, Alumnae Update / Langdon Cook, Introducing our 2017 Husky 100 Award Recipients, UW Praxis Conference 2017 / Crafting Meaning Through Making, Puget Sound Writing Consortium Carries Forward Work of Puget Sound Writing Project, Kollar Literacy Projects, UW English in the High Schools Teaches College English to Local Teens, English Department Wins $150k Grant From College Spark Washington
Contents: A Note From the Chair / Anis Bawarshi, Sandra Silberstein Wins Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award, English Department Welcomes New Faculty, Faculty Profile / Robert McNamara, Faculty Highlights / Fall 2016, Faculty Emeriti Luncheon, Alumnae Profile / Ryan Bort, In The Community / Louis Chude-Sokei Featured in Documentary Under Our Skin, Exceptional Students: Jane Wong and Elizabeth Brown, Alumnae Update / Priscilla Long, Book Recommendations  / English Faculty Suggest Winter Reading
Contents: Chair's Letter 2016, English Department Student Awards 2015-2016, English Department Faculty Publications 2015-2016, Community Outreach: The Red Badge Project, English Department Alumni Updates
Contents: To Grow and Flourish, Noted by the Chair, Ten Takes on Austen's World, English Major at UW Among the Top-Ranked in the Nation, Emerging Directions and Continuing Traditions in the English Department, Reimagining the Humanities PhD, Helping Soldiers Tell Their Story and Defend Their Voice, CareGifted: In the End, It's All Worth It, Retirements - Tom Lockwood, Retirements - Heather McHugh, Retirements - Míċeál Vaughan, Faculty Notes, Graduate Student Notes, Alumni Notes, Recommended reading, 52nd Annual Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Reading, English Matters moves to digital only in 2016
Contents: Bangalore, India - English Around the World, Noted by the Chair, Short Takes, Ross Andrew Winery, National Awards for Two Recent English Graduates, Spain: The Question of National Identity and the Modern Concept of a Nation, The Local and the Imperial: Learning to Read the Western Balkans, English in Spain, Wings to London, Letter of the Sun to the Crescent Moon: Chaucer's Alchemist Steps Out of the Shadows, Geek Girls, Retirements - George Dillon, Retirements - Joan Graham, Emeritus - John Coldewey, Emeritus - William Matchett, New Faculty, In Memoriam - Herbert Blau (1926-2013), In Memoriam - Otto Reinert (1923-2013), In Memoriam - Harold (Hal) Peter Simonson (1926-2011), Alumni Notes, Recommended Reading
Contents: Endowed Research : Hilen Endows Literary and Cultural Studies, Composition Research Team Collaborates to Better Understand Student Writing, Notes by the Chair, Ketcham Endowed Professorship: Influencing a Student’s Life, How Endowed Funds Empower Public School Teachers, Kollar Fellow Studies Little-Known Racist Archive, Loren Douglas Milliman Fund: On Mentoring, Collaborating, and Breaking Rules, Retirements - Richard Dunn, Retirements - Susan Williams, Faculty Notes, In Memoriam - Gerald John (Jack) Brenner, In Memoriam - Grace Milliman Pollock, in Memoriam - Lois Phillips Hudson, Alumni Notes, Recommended Reading