Recent Ph.D. Graduates


Abstracts from recent dissertations can be found under Research.


Jennifer Malone

Dissertation: Encounters with the Modernist Food-Object
Dissertation Committee:  Brian Reed (dir), Mark Patterson, Kathleen Woodward

Ryan Youell

Dissertation: The Architecture of Anti-Utopias: Critiques of Modern Public Housing from London to Orwell
Dissertation Committee:  Brian Reed (dir), Robert Abrams, Jesse Oak Taylor


Raymond Tyler Babbie

Dissertation: Issues of Modernism: Editorial Authority in Little Magazines of the Avante Guerre
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Leroy Searle

Emily Bald

DissertationAffective Time: American Realism as Resynchronization, 1860-1910
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Robert Abrams, Carolyn Allen

Avram Blum

Dissertation: Brazilian University English Professors’ Translingual Orientations to Language: Complexities of a Developing Paradigm Shift
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Suhanthie Motha, Candice Rai, Denise Martins de Abreu e Lima

Sani Chartudomdej

Dissertation: Antiheroes in the "Battle of the Sexes": The Anti-heroic Mode and a Shift in the Meaning of Hegemonic Masculinity in World War I Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Sydney Kaplan (dir), Carolyn Allen, Joseph Butwin

Jaclyn Fiscus

DissertationReflection in Motion: A Case Study of Reflective Practice in the Composition Classroom
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Candice Rai, Gail Stygall, Colette Moore

Mary K. Little

Dissertation: The Discourses of Sex Crimes
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Sandra Silberstein, Thomas Cobb

Anthony K. Manganaro

Dissertation: The Mirrors of Naturalism: Stephen Crane's Pragmatic Determinism
Dissertation Committee: Robert Abrams (dir), Mark Patterson, Monika Kaup

Dylan Medina

Dissertation: A Transfer Subject: Tracing Boundary-Work and Micro-Transfer in First-Year Composition
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Juan Guerra, Candice Rai

Georgia Roberts

Dissertation: Who Killed It: Toward a Hip Hop Theory
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Sonnet Retman

Justina Catherine Rompogren

Dissertation: Identity Positioning in Mainstream and Multilingual First-Year Composition
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Priti Sandhu

Edward Schaumberg IV

DissertationWaterlogged: Narrating Hydroecologies in the Anthropocene
Dissertation CommitteeGillian Harkins & Jesse Oak Taylor (co-dir), Gary Handwerk, Richard Watts

Zachary Tavlin

DissertationGlancing Visions: American Literature Beyond the Gaze
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Robert Abrams, Raimonda Modiano, Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen

Jenny Van Houdt

DissertationDelenda Est: World and Belief in Apocalyptic Thought
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Leroy Searle, Monika Kaup


Richard Allen Baros

Dissertation: Queering La Familia: Charting Chican@ Consciousness in Cultural Politics
Dissertation Committee: Gillian Harkins (dir), Habiba Ibrahim, Chandan Reddy

Taylor J. Boulware

Dissertation: Fascination/Frustration: Slash Fandom, Genre, and Queer Utopia
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Foster (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Katherine Cummings

Alissa Bourbonnais

Dissertation: Choreographing Memory: Performance and Embodiment in Multimodal Narrative
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Kathleen Woodward, Carolyn Allen

Roger C. Chao

Dissertation: Navigation and Negotiation: Examining the Ecology of Service-Learning Composition Courses
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Candice Rai, Sandra Silberstein

Stephanie Costa

Dissertation: Freaks in Public: Reading the Freakish in Contemporary American Literature and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Thomas Foster, Eva Cherniavsky

Leanne P. Day

Dissertation: Empire's Imagination: Race, Settler Colonialism, and Indigeneity in 'Local' Hawai'i Narratives
Dissertation Committee: Chandan Reddy (dir), Alys Weinbaum, Mo-Ho Jung

Brian Gutierrez

Dissertation: A Dark Ecology of Performance: Mapping the Field of Romantic Literary Celebrity through Gothic Drama
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Juliet Shields, Raimonda Modiano

Erik Jaccard

Dissertation: Speculative Fiction, Catastrophe, and the Devolutionary Imagination in Postwar Britain
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman (dir), Juliet Shields, Thomas Foster

Shane A. McCoy

Dissertation: Texts That Teach: Curriculum, Affect, and Critical Pedagogy in the Neoliberal University
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings and Anis Bawarshi (co-dir), Gillian Harkins

Thuong Pham

Dissertation: Student Language Production, Second Language Tasks, and Instructional Scaffolding in an English-Based Curriculum in Vietnam: Realities and Hopes
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Suhanthie Motha, Priti Sandhu

Tesla Schaeffer

Dissertation: Legible Grief: Discursive Liminality in Twentieth-Century Literatures of Trauma
Dissertation Committee: Carolyn Allen (dir), Brian Reed, Monika Kaup

Anna S. Shajirat

Dissertation: The Gothic Fantasy of History: Fear and Loss in the British Long Eighteenth Century
Dissertation Committee: Juliet Shields & Gillian Harkins (co-dir), Raimonda Modiano

Ann Elizabeth Shivers-McNair

Dissertation: Making, Marking, Mattering: What We Can Learn about Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology from a Makerspace
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Juan Guerra, Candice Rai

Balbir Singh

Dissertation: Militant Bodies: Policing Race, Religion, and Violence in the U.S. Sikh Diaspora
Dissertation Committee: Chandan Reddy (dir), Habiba Ibrahim, Alys Weinbaum, Evelyn Alsultany

Ilsu Sohn

Dissertation: Ageing and Imperial Mobility in the British Novel, 1845 to 1945
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman (dir), Jesse Oak Taylor, Juliet Shields

Bonnie Vidrine-Isbell

Dissertation: The Impact of Social Bonding and Socio-emotionality in Adult Language Learning
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Suhanthie Motha, Patricia Kuhl

Meri Wimberly (Meredith Bauer)

Dissertation: Zimbabwean Literature Since 1980: Irrealist Style and Capitalist Modernization
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman (dir), Carolyn Allen, Daniel Hoffman

Jane Wong

Dissertation: Going Toward the Ghost: The Poetics of Haunting in Contemporary Asian American Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Leilani Nishime


Rachel Arteaga

Dissertation: “Sorrow Brought Forth Joy”: Feelings of Faith in American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Woodward (dir), Brian Reed, Gillian Harkins

Ashley Bashaw

Dissertation: Mapping the Vagina: Nineteenth-century Narratives of Scientific Specularity
Dissertation Committee: Robert Abrams (dir), Alys Weinbaum, Gillian Harkins

Elizabeth Brown

Dissertation: Pedagogies of U.S. Imperialism: Racial Education from Reconstruction in the Progressive Era
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Chandan Reddy

Nicole Burgund

Dissertation: Trying to Say the Whole Thing: Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Ethics of Autobiography
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Gordana Crnkovic, Nikolai Popov, Marjorie Perloff

Lillian Campbell

Dissertation: Simulating Nursing: Rhetoric, Materiality, and Disciplinary Learning
Dissertation Committee: Candice Rai (dir) , Gail Stygall, Anis Bawarshi, Sarah Shannon

Sunao Fukunaga

Dissertation: Implementing Language Policy in an Age of Globalized Neoliberalism: Intersubjectivity at the Micro-, Meso-, and Macrolevels
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), James Tollefson, Suhanthie Motha

Rachel Graf

Dissertation: Comics Explosion: Representations of Persecution in Graphic Narrative, 1995-2015
Dissertation Committee: Jennifer Bean (dir), Thomas Foster, Jose Alaniz

Ryan Helterbrand

Dissertation: Plastic / Explosive: Claude Cahun and the Politics of Becoming Otherwise
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Carolyn Allen, Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen

Gregory Laynor

Dissertation: The Making of Intermedia: John Cage to Yoko Ono, 1952 to 1972
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Joseph Milutis, Sarah Dowling

Tae Yun Lim

Dissertation: Female Exiles in Language: Reading for New Poetic Subjects in Modern and Contemporary Feminist Experimental Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Sydney Kaplan, Phillip Thurtle

Christopher Martin

Dissertation: Un-Editing Alfred: Rethinking Modern Editions of Pre-modern Texts from a Post-modern Sensibility
Dissertation Committee: Paul Remley (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Miceal Vaughan, Stephen Hinds

Sharmila Mukherjee

Dissertation: Shakespeare and the Imperial Encounter
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman & William Streitberger (co-dir), Raimonda Modiano, Paul Remley

Aaron Ottinger

Dissertation: The Role of Geometry in Wordsworth’s “Science of Feelings”
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown and Raimonda Modiano (co-dir), Charles LaPorte, Leroy Searle

Yasmine Romero

Dissertation: Intersectionality in the Language and Writing Classroom
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Suhanthie Motha, Chandan Reddy

Leisl Sackschewsky

Dissertation: Orientations in Time: Music and the Construction of Historical Narrative in 20th and 21st Century African-American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Sonnet Retman (dir), Alys Weinbaum, Habiba Ibrahim

Barbara Simons

Dissertation: Tracing Hybrid Collectives of Illness, War, and Medicine in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Narratives of Illness 
Dissertation Committee: Monika Kaup (dir), Robert Mugerauer, Carolyn Allen

Linda Zygutis

Dissertation: Critic, Reader, Fan, Modernism and Textual Poaching in H.D., Mina Loy, and Gertrude Stein
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Thomas Foster, Sydney Kaplan


John Paul Calavitta

Dissertation: State of Light
Dissertation Committee: Robert Abrams (dir), Gary Handwerk, Brian Reed

Jessica A. Campbell

Dissertation: Tradition and Transformation: Fairy Tales in the Victorian Novel
Dissertation Committee: Charles LaPorte (dir), Marshall Brown, Jennifer Bean, Molly Clark Hillard

Jessica Canton

Dissertation: Classical Gothic: The Aristotelian Experience in the Gothic Reading Process
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Juliet Shields, Charles LaPorte

Gibran Escalera

Dissertation: 1848 Beyond the 19th Century: Border Fictions, Peripheral Modernities
Dissertation Committee: Monika Kaup and Gillian Harkins (co-dir), Robert Abrams, Jessica Burstein

Amanda Hobmeier

Dissertation: The Ecology of Peer Response Interactions: Mapping the Relationship Between Context and Experience in Multilingual College Composition Environments
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Gail Stygall, Priti Sandhu

Danielle Magnusson

Dissertation: Reading the Household: Towards a Textual and Economic Understanding of Early English Drama
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey (dir), Paul Remley, Brian Reed

Melissa Marini

Dissertation: Rocking the Boat and Sinking the Ark: The Humanist Novel as Vehicle for the Victorian Religious Crisis
Dissertation Committee: Paul Remley (dir), Charles LaPorte, Michael Harrell

Sharon Mitchler

Dissertation: Towards Using Rural Critical Pedagogy with Rural Community College Students to Undergraduate American Literature Classes
Dissertation Committee: Candice Rai (dir), Eva Cherniavsky, Robert Abrams

Sarah Kathryn Moore

Dissertation: Beste of bon and blod: Embodiment in Middle English Lyric
Dissertation Committee: Miceal Vaughan, Colette Moore, Carolyn Allen

Sue Shon

Dissertation: Making Sense: Race and Modern Vision
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Stephanie Smallwood

Kirin Wachter-Grene

Dissertation: Unthinkable, Unprintable, Unspeakable: Transgression in Postwar African American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Louis Chude-Sokei (dir), Eva Cherniavsky, Sonnet Retman

Carol E. Warrior

Dissertation: Baring the Windigo’s Teeth: the Fearsome Figure in Native American Narrative
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed, Dian Million, Christopher Teuton, Luana Ross

Jennifer E. Zinchuk

Dissertation: Tracing Pedagogical Memory: The Role of Teaching Metacognition and Learning Concepts in Student Writing Development
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi, Juan Guerra, John Webster, Suhanthie Motha

Wei Zuo

Dissertation: Exploring Academic Socialization and Identity of Chinese Undergraduate Students in the U.S.
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Priti Sandhu, Suhanthie Motha, Stevan Harrell


Heather Arvidson

Dissertation: Impersonality and the Cultural Work of Modernist Aesthetics
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Gillian Harkins, Carolyn Allen

John Caruso

Dissertation: The Poetics of Haunting and the Haunting of Poetics: Author and Reader as Uncanny Doubles in the Work of Edgar Allen Poe
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Robert Abrams, John Griffith, Raimonda Modiano

Anne K. Dwyer

Dissertation: The Modern Animal: Non-Human Animals and Inhuman Difference in Transatlantic Literature and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Stephanie Smallwood, Maria Elena Garcia

Melanie A. Hernandez

Dissertation: Border Crossings: Passing and Other[ed] Strategic Performances of Race in African American and U.S. Latina/o Literatures
Dissertation Committee: Sonnet Retman (dir), Habiba Ibrahim, Michelle Habell-Pallan

Chelsea Jennings

Dissertation: The Book as Object and Concept in American Poetry after Modernism
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Brian Reed, Thomas Lockwood

Heyang Julie Kae

Dissertation: Juvenile States: A Genealogy of Race, Gender and Delinquency in U.S. Culture, 1899-1967
Dissertation Committee: Chandan Reddy (dir), Gillian Harkins, Eva Cherniavsky, Habiba Ibrahim

Jennifer LeMesurier

Dissertation: Bodies that Move You: the Rhetorical Force of the Dancing Body
Dissertation Committee: Candice Rai (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Gail Stygall

Rania Mahmoud

Dissertation: Fictions of Revolution: Empire and Nation in Lawrence Durrell, Naguib Mahfouz, John Wilcox, and Bahaa Taher
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings and Sandra Silberstein (co-dir), Chandan Reddy, Elliott Colla

Shon Meckfessel

Dissertation: Contentious Subjects: Non/violence as Topic and Trope in the Occupy Movement
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Candice Rai

Paige Morgan

Dissertation: Haggling With the Muses: Negotiating in 18th Century English Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Brian Reed, Juliet Shields, Raimonda Modiano

Jed Murr

Dissertation: The Unquiet Dead: Race and Violence in the "Post-Racial" United States
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Chandan Reddy, Habiba Ibrahim

Christopher Patterson

Dissertation: Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature in Malays, the Philippines and Asian America
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Chandan Reddy, Gillian Harkins, J. Francisco Benitez

Alice Louise Pedersen

Dissertation: The Romance of Solidarity: A Long History of Sentimentalism, 1861-2009
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Eva Cherniavsky

Todd A. Rygh

Dissertation: Revels End: A Conceptual History of the Late Medieval and Early Modern University Stage
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey (dir), Paul Remley, Robert Stacey

Suzanne Schmidt

Dissertation: "Crafting" the Race House of the Domestic Individual: Political Subjectivities, Hierarchy, and Value in the Crafting and Do-It-Yourself Labors of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Domestic Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Gillian Harkins, Thomas Foster

Arendt Oak Speser

Dissertation: Round Song: A New Poetics of the Archive
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Paul Remley, Herbert Blau

Ariel Wetzel

Dissertation: Alienating Punishment: Prisons in Science Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Foster (dir), Gillian Harkins, Rebecca Aanerud

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Kathleen E. Boyd

Dissertation: 'Thoughts that Burn but Cannot be Spoken': Re-imagining the Political within Histories of Feminist Activism
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Thomas Foster, Sabine Lang

Tasha Buttler

Dissertation: Learning the Language of Nostalgia in Modern and Contemporary Literature
Dissertation Committee: Carolyn Allen (dir), Katherine Cummings, Mark Patterson

Edmond Y. Chang

Dissertation: Technoqueer: Re/Con/Figuring Posthuman Narratives
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Foster (dir), Katherine Cummings, Eva Cherniavsky

Raj G. Chetty

Dissertation: Race Fundamentalism: Caribean Theater and the Challenge to Black Diaspora
Dissertation Committee: Louis Chude-Sokei and Laura Chrisman (co-dir), Monika Kaup, Ileana Rodriguez-Silva

Christopher M. Featherman

Dissertation: Networked Identifications: Constructing Identities and Ideologies in the 2009 Iranian Election Protests
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir),Gail Stygall, M. Suhanthie Motha

Caitlin R. Hansen

Dissertation: The Infant Phenomenon: Shakespeare, the Mimetic Child, and Nineteenth-Century British Literature
Dissertation Committee: Charles LaPorte (dir), Joseph Butwin, Gary Handwerk, Herbert Blau

Traynor Frank Hansen III

Dissertation: Revealing Character and Concealing Identity in the Romantic Familiar Essay
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano (dir), Marshall Brown, Charles LaPorte

Curtis Hisayasu

Dissertation: Strangers in the City: U.S. Liberalism, Literary Realism, and the Politics of Illegibility
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Katherine Cummings, Mark Patterson

JoAnn L. Kelly

Dissertation: Embodying Agency: The Liberal Will, the Psychophysiological Individual, and Intersubjective Connections in the Victorian Novel
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (dir), Marshall Brown, Charles LaPorte, Kathleen Woodward

Nadine A. Maestas

Dissertation: Calling Out the State: Postmodern American Anthropoetics
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Paul Remley

Jason H. Morse

Dissertation: Promiscuous Contextualities: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Problem of the Stereotype in the Politics of Representation
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Habiba Ibrahim, Caroline Simpson

Christian Ravela

Dissertation: States of Dispossession: US Political Culture, State Form, and Race from 1930 to the Present
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Chandan Reddy, Gillian Harkins, Colin Danby

Irena Percinkova-Patton

Dissertation: Toast to Morrison: The Trickster Paradigm in African American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Nikolai Popov, Sonnet Retman

Andrew M. Rose

Dissertation: Towards a Postnatural Environmental Politics: Distributed Agency and Political Subjectivity in American Literature and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Thomas Foster, Linda Nash

Pacharee Sudhinaraset

Dissertation: The End of Innocence: Women of Color Literature, Utopia, and the Cultural Politics of U.S. Cold War Racial Liberalism
Dissertation Committee: Chandan Reddy and Thomas Foster (co-dir), Moon-Ho Jung, Caroline Simpson

Simon V. Trujillo

Dissertation: La Alianza Federal de Merces and the Cultural Politics of Indo-Hispano
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Lauro Flores, Chandan Reddy

Michael D. Willett

Dissertation: Vanishing Point: The Drive to Failure in Romantic Representation
Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Halmi and Raimonda Modiano (co-dir), Charles LaPorte

Xuan Zheng

Dissertation: Translingual Identity-as-Pedagogy: International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) of English in the College Composition Classroom
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), M. Suhanthie Motha, Anis Bawarshi

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Tae Youn Ahn

Dissertation: Second Language Learning in Language-Exchange Interactions: A Sociocultural and Discourse Analytic Study
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), James Tollefson, M. Suhanthie Motha

Donald Leonard Anderson

Dissertation: Power and Indeterminacy: The Noisy Networks of Foucault, Cage, Burroughs, and Delaney
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Eva Cherniavsky, Carol Siegel

Sarah Cohen

Dissertation: School of Unlikeness: American Poetry and the Creative Writing Workshop
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Jessica Burstein

Maria DeBlassie

Dissertation: Positive Representations of the Intellectual Woman in the Courtship Novel, 1790-1850
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Charles LaPorte, Juan Guerra

Heather N. Hill

Dissertation: Telling What They Know: Performing What They Say: Genre Awareness and the Transferability of Writing
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Candice Rai, Sandra Silberstein

David Thomas Holmberg

Dissertation: Prying, Peeping, Peering: The Voyeuristic Gaze in Late-Nineteenth-Century American Literary Naturalism
Dissertation Committee: Robert Abrams (dir), Leroy Searle, Habiba Ibrahim

Jeffrey C. Johnson

Dissertation: Anatomies of the Soul and the Self; From Galen to Romanticism
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano (dir), Leroy Searle, Gary Handwerk

Jane J. Lee

Dissertation: Reading Matters: Liberal Discourse and the Democratization of Reading in Victorian Literary Culture
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Charles LaPorte, Richard Dunn, Kathleen Blake

Sydney F. Lewis

Dissertation: Looking forward to the Past: Black Women’s Sexual Agency in ‘Neo’ Cultural Productions
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Chandan Reddy, Habiba Ibrahim

Jennifer McCollum

Dissertation: Animation and Reanimation in the Victorian Gothic
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Carolyn Allen, Kathleen Blake

Megan Ann Miller

Dissertation: Modernism’s History of the Earth
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jessica Burstein, Herbert Blau

Lindsey Russell

Dissertation: Women in the English Language Dictionary
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi and Colette Moore (co-dir), Candice Rai

Christian D.D. Stuart

Dissertation: Succeeding Through Uncertainty: Three L2 Students in a First-Year Composition Class
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra and Yasuko Kanno (co-dir), Sandra Silberstein

Yi-fan Zhang

Dissertation: Asian American Forms: From Realism to Modernism
Dissertation Committee: Stephen Sumida (dir), Shawn Wong, LeiLani Nishime

Jun Xu

Dissertation: Where Knowledge Thrives: Productive Metaphors in Science
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (dir), Gail Stygall, Herbert Blau, Leah Ceccarelli

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Jennifer Bryant

Dissertation: Still Points, Turning Worlds: Memorial Dynamics and the Materiality of Memory
Dissertation Committee: Herbert Blau (dir), Robert Abrams, Kathleen Woodward

Andrew Fitzgerald

Dissertation: Millenial Fiction and the Emergence of Posthuman Cosmopolitanism
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Carolyn Allen, Mark Patterson

Douglass Madison Furrh

Dissertation: "In the Midst of Prosperity": Free-Labor Republicanism, Nineteenth-Century Aesthetics and the Virtue of Suffering in Herman Melville's The Piazza Tales
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Robert Shulman, Robert Abrams

Justin Gage

Dissertation: The Tame Bear: Modern Military Discipline in Defoe and Smollett
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Lockwood (dir), Marshall Brown, Juliet Shields

Allison V. Gross

Dissertation: Responding to Students: Uptake and First-Year Composition
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Gail Stygall

Hee Seung Kang

Dissertation: Challenges and Successes of a Piloted First-Year Composition and English for Academic Purposes Link
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein(dir), Anis Bawarshi, M. Suhanthie Motha

Anoop A. Mirpuri

Dissertation: Slated for Destruction: Race, Black Radicalism, and the Meaning of Captivity in the Postwar Exceptional State
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum and Nikhil Singh (co-dir), Eva Cherniavsky

Tanvi Pate

Dissertation: Emerging Crimewallahs: Modern Developments in South Asian Crime Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Laura Chrisman, Sudhir Mahadevan

Ram Prasansak

Dissertation: Giving Ghana at the Edge of the Salt Water
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman (dir), Chandan Reddy, Francisco Benitez, Lynn Thomas

Sarah Read

Dissertation: Network Rhetoric: An Ethnography of the Knowledge Work of System Builders in Child Care and Early Learning
Dissertation Committee: Candice Rai and Mark Zachry (co-dir), Gail Stygall, Anis Bawarshi

Angela R. Rounsaville

Dissertation: Figuring Transnational Literacies: Rhetorical Negotiations in a Global Paradigm
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi and Juan Guerra (co-dir), Gail Stygall, Candice Rai

Jentery France Sayers

Dissertation: How Text Lost Its Source: Magnetic Recording Culture
Dissertation Committee: Herbert Blau (dir), R. Thomas Foster, Kathleen Woodward

Sarah N. Terry

Dissertation: Modernist Literary and Musical Collaboration
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Thomas Lockwood, Brian Reed

Timothy Welsh

Dissertation: Immersive Fictions: Modern Narrative, New Media, Mixed Reality
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Leroy Searle, Phillip Thurtle

Christina Dawn Wygant

Dissertation: "The Twice Told Tale": Colonial Love Plots, Slavery, and Racial Ideology in Editorial Versions of John Gabriel Stedman's Narrative of a Five Years Expedition Against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano and David Allen (co-dir), Thomas Lockwood, Kathleen Blake

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Hidy A. Basta

Dissertation: Ideological Uptakes: Discourses on Raising Bilingual Children
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), James Tollefson, Anis Bawarshi, Alicia Wassink

Yu-jung Chang

Dissertation: Nonnative-English-Speaking Doctoral Students' Enculturation across Disciplines: Investment in Language, Identity, and Imagined Communities
Dissertation Committee: Yasuko Kanno and Anis Bawarshi (co-dir), James Tollefson

Jonathan M. Crimmins

Dissertation: Love, Liberty, and the Politics of Genre in the Romantic Novel
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Charles LaPorte, Henry Staten, Juliet Shields

Rahul Krishna Gairola

Dissertation: Queering Home: Neoliberal Biopolitics and Diasporic Reappropriations in the Cultural Texts of Michelle Cliff, Hanif Kureishi, Jessica Hagedorn, and Jackie Kay
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Chandan Reddy, Bruce Burgett

Rachel Tillie Goldberg

Dissertation: Counterpublics and Media Policing: Atheism and the Challenge to Public-Sphere Boundaries
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Gail Stygall, Sandra Silberstein

Amanda P. Golden

Dissertation: Annotating Modernism: The Reading and Teaching Strategies of Sylvia Plath, John Berryman, and Anne Sexton
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Sydney Kaplan, John Coldewey

Emily Margaret James

Dissertation: Before Babel: Modernism, the Nonsense Tradition, and Technologies of Word Production
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Kathleen Blake, Thomas Lockwood

Paul A. Jaussen

Dissertation: Abiding Song: Evolutions of the Life Poem
Dissertation Committee: Herbert Blau (dir), Leroy Searle, Henry Staten, Jeanne Heuving

Jason A. Jones

Dissertation: Constructing the Iranian Nuclear Threat: Rhetoric, Governmentality, and the Press
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Sandra Silberstein, Candice Rai

Fang Li

Dissertation: Dialogic Trilogy: Gaskell, Bronte and the Genesis of Social Realism in Non-domestic Fiction by Women
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (dir), Joseph Butwin, Marshall Brown

Roderick Bruce Overaa

Dissertation: Eastern Religion and the Dilemmas of the Modern
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Sydney Kaplan, Robert Abrams

Darlene Rompogren

Dissertation: Language Diversity in College Composition Courses: Multilingual Students in English Comosition at Tacoma Community College
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Sandra Silberstein, George Dillon

Travis J. Sands

Dissertation: The Queer Values of Neoliberalism: Sexuality, Race, and U.S. Cultural Politics
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Eva Cherniavsky, Gillian Harkins

Matthew James Vechinski

Dissertation: Literary by Design: The Functional Aesthetics of the Twentieth-Century Novel
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Herbert Blau

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