Recent Ph.D. Graduates


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Ryan Youell

Dissertation: The Architecture of Anti-Utopias: Critiques of Modern Public Housing from London to Orwell
Dissertation Committee:  Brian Reed (dir), Robert Abrams, Jesse Oak Taylor


Michael Anderson

Dissertation: Genealogical Analysis of Discourse on Ethnic Minority Protests and Its Manifestation and Reinforcement in News Media and State-Sponsored Art
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Gail Stygall, Priti Sandhu

Raymond Tyler Babbie

Dissertation: Issues of Modernism: Editorial Authority in Little Magazines of the Avante Guerre
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Leroy Searle

Emily Bald

DissertationAffective Time: American Realism as Resynchronization, 1860-1910
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Robert Abrams, Carolyn Allen

Avram Blum

Dissertation: Brazilian University English Professors’ Translingual Orientations to Language: Complexities of a Developing Paradigm Shift
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Suhanthie Motha, Candice Rai, Denise Martins de Abreu e Lima

Sani Chartudomdej

Dissertation: Antiheroes in the "Battle of the Sexes": The Anti-heroic Mode and a Shift in the Meaning of Hegemonic Masculinity in World War I Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Sydney Kaplan (dir), Carolyn Allen, Joseph Butwin

Jaclyn Fiscus

DissertationReflection in Motion: A Case Study of Reflective Practice in the Composition Classroom
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Candice Rai, Gail Stygall, Colette Moore

Mary K. Little

Dissertation: The Discourses of Sex Crimes
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Sandra Silberstein, Thomas Cobb

Anthony K. Manganaro

Dissertation: The Mirrors of Naturalism: Stephen Crane's Pragmatic Determinism
Dissertation Committee: Robert Abrams (dir), Mark Patterson, Monika Kaup

Dylan Medina

Dissertation: A Transfer Subject: Tracing Boundary-Work and Micro-Transfer in First-Year Composition
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Juan Guerra, Candice Rai

Georgia Roberts

Dissertation: Who Killed It: Toward a Hip Hop Theory
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Sonnet Retman

Justina Catherine Rompogren

Dissertation: Identity Positioning in Mainstream and Multilingual First-Year Composition
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Priti Sandhu

Edward Schaumberg IV

DissertationWaterlogged: Narrating Hydroecologies in the Anthropocene
Dissertation CommitteeGillian Harkins & Jesse Oak Taylor (co-dir), Gary Handwerk, Richard Watts

Zachary Tavlin

DissertationGlancing Visions: American Literature Beyond the Gaze
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Robert Abrams, Raimonda Modiano, Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen

Jenny Van Houdt

DissertationDelenda Est: World and Belief in Apocalyptic Thought
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Leroy Searle, Monika Kaup


Richard Allen Baros

Dissertation: Queering La Familia: Charting Chican@ Consciousness in Cultural Politics
Dissertation Committee: Gillian Harkins (dir), Habiba Ibrahim, Chandan Reddy

Taylor J. Boulware

Dissertation: Fascination/Frustration: Slash Fandom, Genre, and Queer Utopia
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Foster (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Katherine Cummings

Alissa Bourbonnais

Dissertation: Choreographing Memory: Performance and Embodiment in Multimodal Narrative
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Kathleen Woodward, Carolyn Allen

Roger C. Chao

Dissertation: Navigation and Negotiation: Examining the Ecology of Service-Learning Composition Courses
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Candice Rai, Sandra Silberstein

Stephanie Costa

Dissertation: Freaks in Public: Reading the Freakish in Contemporary American Literature and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Thomas Foster, Eva Cherniavsky

Leanne P. Day

Dissertation: Empire's Imagination: Race, Settler Colonialism, and Indigeneity in 'Local' Hawai'i Narratives
Dissertation Committee: Chandan Reddy (dir), Alys Weinbaum, Mo-Ho Jung

Brian Gutierrez

Dissertation: A Dark Ecology of Performance: Mapping the Field of Romantic Literary Celebrity through Gothic Drama
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Juliet Shields, Raimonda Modiano

Erik Jaccard

Dissertation: Speculative Fiction, Catastrophe, and the Devolutionary Imagination in Postwar Britain
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman (dir), Juliet Shields, Thomas Foster

Shane A. McCoy

Dissertation: Texts That Teach: Curriculum, Affect, and Critical Pedagogy in the Neoliberal University
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings and Anis Bawarshi (co-dir), Gillian Harkins

Thuong Pham

Dissertation: Student Language Production, Second Language Tasks, and Instructional Scaffolding in an English-Based Curriculum in Vietnam: Realities and Hopes
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Suhanthie Motha, Priti Sandhu

Tesla Schaeffer

Dissertation: Legible Grief: Discursive Liminality in Twentieth-Century Literatures of Trauma
Dissertation Committee: Carolyn Allen (dir), Brian Reed, Monika Kaup

Anna S. Shajirat

Dissertation: The Gothic Fantasy of History: Fear and Loss in the British Long Eighteenth Century
Dissertation Committee: Juliet Shields & Gillian Harkins (co-dir), Raimonda Modiano

Ann Elizabeth Shivers-McNair

Dissertation: Making, Marking, Mattering: What We Can Learn about Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology from a Makerspace
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Juan Guerra, Candice Rai

Balbir Singh

Dissertation: Militant Bodies: Policing Race, Religion, and Violence in the U.S. Sikh Diaspora
Dissertation Committee: Chandan Reddy (dir), Habiba Ibrahim, Alys Weinbaum, Evelyn Alsultany

Ilsu Sohn

Dissertation: Ageing and Imperial Mobility in the British Novel, 1845 to 1945
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman (dir), Jesse Oak Taylor, Juliet Shields

Bonnie Vidrine-Isbell

Dissertation: The Impact of Social Bonding and Socio-emotionality in Adult Language Learning
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Suhanthie Motha, Patricia Kuhl

Meri Wimberly (Meredith Bauer)

Dissertation: Zimbabwean Literature Since 1980: Irrealist Style and Capitalist Modernization
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman (dir), Carolyn Allen, Daniel Hoffman

Jane Wong

Dissertation: Going Toward the Ghost: The Poetics of Haunting in Contemporary Asian American Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Leilani Nishime


Rachel Arteaga

Dissertation: “Sorrow Brought Forth Joy”: Feelings of Faith in American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Woodward (dir), Brian Reed, Gillian Harkins

Ashley Bashaw

Dissertation: Mapping the Vagina: Nineteenth-century Narratives of Scientific Specularity
Dissertation Committee: Robert Abrams (dir), Alys Weinbaum, Gillian Harkins

Elizabeth Brown

Dissertation: Pedagogies of U.S. Imperialism: Racial Education from Reconstruction in the Progressive Era
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Chandan Reddy

Nicole Burgund

Dissertation: Trying to Say the Whole Thing: Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Ethics of Autobiography
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Gordana Crnkovic, Nikolai Popov, Marjorie Perloff

Lillian Campbell

Dissertation: Simulating Nursing: Rhetoric, Materiality, and Disciplinary Learning
Dissertation Committee: Candice Rai (dir) , Gail Stygall, Anis Bawarshi, Sarah Shannon

Sunao Fukunaga

Dissertation: Implementing Language Policy in an Age of Globalized Neoliberalism: Intersubjectivity at the Micro-, Meso-, and Macrolevels
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), James Tollefson, Suhanthie Motha

Rachel Graf

Dissertation: Comics Explosion: Representations of Persecution in Graphic Narrative, 1995-2015
Dissertation Committee: Jennifer Bean (dir), Thomas Foster, Jose Alaniz

Ryan Helterbrand

Dissertation: Plastic / Explosive: Claude Cahun and the Politics of Becoming Otherwise
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Carolyn Allen, Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen

Gregory Laynor

Dissertation: The Making of Intermedia: John Cage to Yoko Ono, 1952 to 1972
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Joseph Milutis, Sarah Dowling

Tae Yun Lim

Dissertation: Female Exiles in Language: Reading for New Poetic Subjects in Modern and Contemporary Feminist Experimental Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Sydney Kaplan, Phillip Thurtle

Christopher Martin

Dissertation: Un-Editing Alfred: Rethinking Modern Editions of Pre-modern Texts from a Post-modern Sensibility
Dissertation Committee: Paul Remley (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Miceal Vaughan, Stephen Hinds

Sharmila Mukherjee

Dissertation: Shakespeare and the Imperial Encounter
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman & William Streitberger (co-dir), Raimonda Modiano, Paul Remley

Aaron Ottinger

Dissertation: The Role of Geometry in Wordsworth’s “Science of Feelings”
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown and Raimonda Modiano (co-dir), Charles LaPorte, Leroy Searle

Yasmine Romero

Dissertation: Intersectionality in the Language and Writing Classroom
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Suhanthie Motha, Chandan Reddy

Leisl Sackschewsky

Dissertation: Orientations in Time: Music and the Construction of Historical Narrative in 20th and 21st Century African-American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Sonnet Retman (dir), Alys Weinbaum, Habiba Ibrahim

Barbara Simons

Dissertation: Tracing Hybrid Collectives of Illness, War, and Medicine in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Narratives of Illness 
Dissertation Committee: Monika Kaup (dir), Robert Mugerauer, Carolyn Allen

Linda Zygutis

Dissertation: Critic, Reader, Fan, Modernism and Textual Poaching in H.D., Mina Loy, and Gertrude Stein
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Thomas Foster, Sydney Kaplan


John Paul Calavitta

Dissertation: State of Light
Dissertation Committee: Robert Abrams (dir), Gary Handwerk, Brian Reed

Jessica A. Campbell

Dissertation: Tradition and Transformation: Fairy Tales in the Victorian Novel
Dissertation Committee: Charles LaPorte (dir), Marshall Brown, Jennifer Bean, Molly Clark Hillard

Jessica Canton

Dissertation: Classical Gothic: The Aristotelian Experience in the Gothic Reading Process
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Juliet Shields, Charles LaPorte

Gibran Escalera

Dissertation: 1848 Beyond the 19th Century: Border Fictions, Peripheral Modernities
Dissertation Committee: Monika Kaup and Gillian Harkins (co-dir), Robert Abrams, Jessica Burstein

Amanda Hobmeier

University of Southern California
Dissertation: The Ecology of Peer Response Interactions: Mapping the Relationship Between Context and Experience in Multilingual College Composition Environments
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Gail Stygall, Priti Sandhu

Danielle Magnusson

Dissertation: Reading the Household: Towards a Textual and Economic Understanding of Early English Drama
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey (dir), Paul Remley, Brian Reed

Melissa Marini

Dissertation: Rocking the Boat and Sinking the Ark: The Humanist Novel as Vehicle for the Victorian Religious Crisis
Dissertation Committee: Paul Remley (dir), Charles LaPorte, Michael Harrell

Sharon Mitchler

Centralia College
Dissertation: Towards Using Rural Critical Pedagogy with Rural Community College Students to Undergraduate American Literature Classes
Dissertation Committee: Candice Rai (dir), Eva Cherniavsky, Robert Abrams

Sarah Kathryn Moore

Dissertation: Beste of bon and blod: Embodiment in Middle English Lyric
Dissertation Committee: Miceal Vaughan, Colette Moore, Carolyn Allen

Sue Shon

Dissertation: Making Sense: Race and Modern Vision
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Stephanie Smallwood

Kirin Wachter-Grene

New York University
Dissertation: Unthinkable, Unprintable, Unspeakable: Transgression in Postwar African American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Louis Chude-Sokei (dir), Eva Cherniavsky, Sonnet Retman

Carol E. Warrior

Cornell University
Dissertation: Baring the Windigo’s Teeth: the Fearsome Figure in Native American Narrative
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed, Dian Million, Christopher Teuton, Luana Ross

Jennifer E. Zinchuk

Elon University
Dissertation: Tracing Pedagogical Memory: The Role of Teaching Metacognition and Learning Concepts in Student Writing Development
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi, Juan Guerra, John Webster, Suhanthie Motha

Wei Zuo

Instructional Consultant, Center for Instructional Development & Research, University of Washington
Dissertation: Exploring Academic Socialization and Identity of Chinese Undergraduate Students in the U.S.
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Priti Sandhu, Suhanthie Motha, Stevan Harrell


Heather Arvidson

Dissertation: Impersonality and the Cultural Work of Modernist Aesthetics
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Gillian Harkins, Carolyn Allen

John Caruso

Dissertation: The Poetics of Haunting and the Haunting of Poetics: Author and Reader as Uncanny Doubles in the Work of Edgar Allen Poe
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Robert Abrams, John Griffith, Raimonda Modiano

Anne K. Dwyer

Dissertation: The Modern Animal: Non-Human Animals and Inhuman Difference in Transatlantic Literature and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Stephanie Smallwood, Maria Elena Garcia

Melanie A. Hernandez

Dissertation: Border Crossings: Passing and Other[ed] Strategic Performances of Race in African American and U.S. Latina/o Literatures
Dissertation Committee: Sonnet Retman (dir), Habiba Ibrahim, Michelle Habell-Pallan

Chelsea Jennings

Dissertation: The Book as Object and Concept in American Poetry after Modernism
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Brian Reed, Thomas Lockwood

Heyang Julie Kae

Dissertation: Juvenile States: A Genealogy of Race, Gender and Delinquency in U.S. Culture, 1899-1967
Dissertation Committee: Chandan Reddy (dir), Gillian Harkins, Eva Cherniavsky, Habiba Ibrahim

Jennifer LeMesurier

Dissertation: Bodies that Move You: the Rhetorical Force of the Dancing Body
Dissertation Committee: Candice Rai (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Gail Stygall

Rania Mahmoud

University of North Carolina-Wilmington
Dissertation: Fictions of Revolution: Empire and Nation in Lawrence Durrell, Naguib Mahfouz, John Wilcox, and Bahaa Taher
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings and Sandra Silberstein (co-dir), Chandan Reddy, Elliott Colla

Shon Meckfessel

Highline Community College
Dissertation: Contentious Subjects: Non/violence as Topic and Trope in the Occupy Movement
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Candice Rai

Paige Morgan

Dissertation: Haggling With the Muses: Negotiating in 18th Century English Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Brian Reed, Juliet Shields, Raimonda Modiano

Jed Murr

University of Washington-Bothell
Dissertation: The Unquiet Dead: Race and Violence in the "Post-Racial" United States
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Chandan Reddy, Habiba Ibrahim

Christopher Patterson

New York Institute of Technology-Nanjing, China
Dissertation: Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature in Malays, the Philippines and Asian America
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Chandan Reddy, Gillian Harkins, J. Francisco Benitez

Alice Louise Pedersen

Dissertation: The Romance of Solidarity: A Long History of Sentimentalism, 1861-2009
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Gillian Harkins, Eva Cherniavsky

Todd A. Rygh

The American University of Iraq
Dissertation: Revels End: A Conceptual History of the Late Medieval and Early Modern University Stage
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey (dir), Paul Remley, Robert Stacey

Suzanne Schmidt

Dissertation: "Crafting" the Race House of the Domestic Individual: Political Subjectivities, Hierarchy, and Value in the Crafting and Do-It-Yourself Labors of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Domestic Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Gillian Harkins, Thomas Foster

Arendt Oak Speser

Dissertation: Round Song: A New Poetics of the Archive
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Paul Remley, Herbert Blau

Ariel Wetzel

Dissertation: Alienating Punishment: Prisons in Science Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Foster (dir), Gillian Harkins, Rebecca Aanerud

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Kathleen E. Boyd

Dissertation: 'Thoughts that Burn but Cannot be Spoken': Re-imagining the Political within Histories of Feminist Activism
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Thomas Foster, Sabine Lang

Tasha Buttler

University of Washington-Bothell
Dissertation: Learning the Language of Nostalgia in Modern and Contemporary Literature
Dissertation Committee: Carolyn Allen (dir), Katherine Cummings, Mark Patterson

Edmond Y. Chang

Drew University
Dissertation: Technoqueer: Re/Con/Figuring Posthuman Narratives
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Foster (dir), Katherine Cummings, Eva Cherniavsky

Raj G. Chetty

St. John's University
Dissertation: Race Fundamentalism: Caribean Theater and the Challenge to Black Diaspora
Dissertation Committee: Louis Chude-Sokei and Laura Chrisman (co-dir), Monika Kaup, Ileana Rodriguez-Silva

Christopher M. Featherman

Northeastern University
Dissertation: Networked Identifications: Constructing Identities and Ideologies in the 2009 Iranian Election Protests
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir),Gail Stygall, M. Suhanthie Motha

Caitlin R. Hansen

Dissertation: The Infant Phenomenon: Shakespeare, the Mimetic Child, and Nineteenth-Century British Literature
Dissertation Committee: Charles LaPorte (dir), Joseph Butwin, Gary Handwerk, Herbert Blau

Traynor Frank Hansen III

Dissertation: Revealing Character and Concealing Identity in the Romantic Familiar Essay
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano (dir), Marshall Brown, Charles LaPorte

Curtis Hisayasu

Dissertation: Strangers in the City: U.S. Liberalism, Literary Realism, and the Politics of Illegibility
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Katherine Cummings, Mark Patterson

JoAnn L. Kelly

Dissertation: Embodying Agency: The Liberal Will, the Psychophysiological Individual, and Intersubjective Connections in the Victorian Novel
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (dir), Marshall Brown, Charles LaPorte, Kathleen Woodward

Nadine A. Maestas

Dissertation: Calling Out the State: Postmodern American Anthropoetics
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Paul Remley

Jason H. Morse

Dissertation: Promiscuous Contextualities: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Problem of the Stereotype in the Politics of Representation
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Habiba Ibrahim, Caroline Simpson

Christian Ravela

Dissertation: States of Dispossession: US Political Culture, State Form, and Race from 1930 to the Present
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Chandan Reddy, Gillian Harkins, Colin Danby

Irena Percinkova-Patton

Dissertation: Toast to Morrison: The Trickster Paradigm in African American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Nikolai Popov, Sonnet Retman

Andrew M. Rose

Dissertation: Towards a Postnatural Environmental Politics: Distributed Agency and Political Subjectivity in American Literature and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Thomas Foster, Linda Nash

Pacharee Sudhinaraset

New York University
Dissertation: The End of Innocence: Women of Color Literature, Utopia, and the Cultural Politics of U.S. Cold War Racial Liberalism
Dissertation Committee: Chandan Reddy and Thomas Foster (co-dir), Moon-Ho Jung, Caroline Simpson

Simon V. Trujillo

New York University
Dissertation: La Alianza Federal de Merces and the Cultural Politics of Indo-Hispano
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky (dir), Lauro Flores, Chandan Reddy

Michael D. Willett

Dissertation: Vanishing Point: The Drive to Failure in Romantic Representation
Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Halmi and Raimonda Modiano (co-dir), Charles LaPorte

Xuan Zheng

Central China Normal University, China
Dissertation: Translingual Identity-as-Pedagogy: International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) of English in the College Composition Classroom
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), M. Suhanthie Motha, Anis Bawarshi

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Tae Youn Ahn

Ewha Women's University, Korea
Dissertation: Second Language Learning in Language-Exchange Interactions: A Sociocultural and Discourse Analytic Study
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), James Tollefson, M. Suhanthie Motha

Donald Leonard Anderson

Westchester Community College, State University of New York
Dissertation: Power and Indeterminacy: The Noisy Networks of Foucault, Cage, Burroughs, and Delaney
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Eva Cherniavsky, Carol Siegel

Sarah Cohen

Dissertation: School of Unlikeness: American Poetry and the Creative Writing Workshop
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Jessica Burstein

Maria DeBlassie

Central New Mexico Community College
Dissertation: Positive Representations of the Intellectual Woman in the Courtship Novel, 1790-1850
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Charles LaPorte, Juan Guerra

Heather N. Hill

Cedarville University
Dissertation: Telling What They Know: Performing What They Say: Genre Awareness and the Transferability of Writing
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Candice Rai, Sandra Silberstein

David Thomas Holmberg

Dissertation: Prying, Peeping, Peering: The Voyeuristic Gaze in Late-Nineteenth-Century American Literary Naturalism
Dissertation Committee: Robert Abrams (dir), Leroy Searle, Habiba Ibrahim

Jeffrey C. Johnson

Dissertation: Anatomies of the Soul and the Self; From Galen to Romanticism
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano (dir), Leroy Searle, Gary Handwerk

Jane J. Lee

California State University-Dominguez Hills
Dissertation: Reading Matters: Liberal Discourse and the Democratization of Reading in Victorian Literary Culture
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Charles LaPorte, Richard Dunn, Kathleen Blake

Sydney F. Lewis

Dissertation: Looking forward to the Past: Black Women’s Sexual Agency in ‘Neo’ Cultural Productions
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Chandan Reddy, Habiba Ibrahim

Jennifer McCollum

Community College of Vermont
Dissertation: Animation and Reanimation in the Victorian Gothic
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Carolyn Allen, Kathleen Blake

Megan Ann Miller

Dissertation: Modernism’s History of the Earth
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jessica Burstein, Herbert Blau

Lindsey Russell

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Dissertation: Women in the English Language Dictionary
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi and Colette Moore (co-dir), Candice Rai

Christian D.D. Stuart

Dissertation: Succeeding Through Uncertainty: Three L2 Students in a First-Year Composition Class
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra and Yasuko Kanno (co-dir), Sandra Silberstein

Yi-fan Zhang

SP Jain School of Global Management, Singapore
Dissertation: Asian American Forms: From Realism to Modernism
Dissertation Committee: Stephen Sumida (dir), Shawn Wong, LeiLani Nishime

Jun Xu

Dissertation: Where Knowledge Thrives: Productive Metaphors in Science
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (dir), Gail Stygall, Herbert Blau, Leah Ceccarelli

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Jennifer Bryant

Dissertation: Still Points, Turning Worlds: Memorial Dynamics and the Materiality of Memory
Dissertation Committee: Herbert Blau (dir), Robert Abrams, Kathleen Woodward

Andrew Fitzgerald

Dissertation: Millenial Fiction and the Emergence of Posthuman Cosmopolitanism
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Carolyn Allen, Mark Patterson

Douglass Madison Furrh

Colorado State University-Pueblo
Dissertation: "In the Midst of Prosperity": Free-Labor Republicanism, Nineteenth-Century Aesthetics and the Virtue of Suffering in Herman Melville's The Piazza Tales
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Robert Shulman, Robert Abrams

Justin Gage

United States Military Academy
Dissertation: The Tame Bear: Modern Military Discipline in Defoe and Smollett
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Lockwood (dir), Marshall Brown, Juliet Shields

Allison V. Gross

Portland Community College
Dissertation: Responding to Students: Uptake and First-Year Composition
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Gail Stygall

Hee Seung Kang

Case Western Reserve University
Dissertation: Challenges and Successes of a Piloted First-Year Composition and English for Academic Purposes Link
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein(dir), Anis Bawarshi, M. Suhanthie Motha

Anoop A. Mirpuri

University of Portland
Dissertation: Slated for Destruction: Race, Black Radicalism, and the Meaning of Captivity in the Postwar Exceptional State
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum and Nikhil Singh (co-dir), Eva Cherniavsky

Tanvi Pate

University of California-Merced
Dissertation: Emerging Crimewallahs: Modern Developments in South Asian Crime Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Laura Chrisman, Sudhir Mahadevan

Ram Prasansak

Ubon Rajathanee University
Dissertation: Giving Ghana at the Edge of the Salt Water
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman (dir), Chandan Reddy, Francisco Benitez, Lynn Thomas

Sarah Read

DePaul University
Dissertation: Network Rhetoric: An Ethnography of the Knowledge Work of System Builders in Child Care and Early Learning
Dissertation Committee: Candice Rai and Mark Zachry (co-dir), Gail Stygall, Anis Bawarshi

Angela R. Rounsaville

University of Central Florida
Dissertation: Figuring Transnational Literacies: Rhetorical Negotiations in a Global Paradigm
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi and Juan Guerra (co-dir), Gail Stygall, Candice Rai

Jentery France Sayers

University of Victoria
Dissertation: How Text Lost Its Source: Magnetic Recording Culture
Dissertation Committee: Herbert Blau (dir), R. Thomas Foster, Kathleen Woodward

Sarah N. Terry

Oglethorpe University
Dissertation: Modernist Literary and Musical Collaboration
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Thomas Lockwood, Brian Reed

Timothy Welsh

Loyola University-New Orleans
Dissertation: Immersive Fictions: Modern Narrative, New Media, Mixed Reality
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Leroy Searle, Phillip Thurtle

Christina Dawn Wygant

Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington-Seattle
Dissertation: "The Twice Told Tale": Colonial Love Plots, Slavery, and Racial Ideology in Editorial Versions of John Gabriel Stedman's Narrative of a Five Years Expedition Against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano and David Allen (co-dir), Thomas Lockwood, Kathleen Blake

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Hidy A. Basta

Antioch University-Seattle
Dissertation: Ideological Uptakes: Discourses on Raising Bilingual Children
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), James Tollefson, Anis Bawarshi, Alicia Wassink

Yu-jung Chang

National Chiao-tung University
Dissertation: Nonnative-English-Speaking Doctoral Students' Enculturation across Disciplines: Investment in Language, Identity, and Imagined Communities
Dissertation Committee: Yasuko Kanno and Anis Bawarshi (co-dir), James Tollefson

Jonathan M. Crimmins

Dissertation: Love, Liberty, and the Politics of Genre in the Romantic Novel
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Charles LaPorte, Henry Staten, Juliet Shields

Rahul Krishna Gairola

Dissertation: Queering Home: Neoliberal Biopolitics and Diasporic Reappropriations in the Cultural Texts of Michelle Cliff, Hanif Kureishi, Jessica Hagedorn, and Jackie Kay
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Chandan Reddy, Bruce Burgett

Rachel Tillie Goldberg

Dissertation: Counterpublics and Media Policing: Atheism and the Challenge to Public-Sphere Boundaries
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Gail Stygall, Sandra Silberstein

Amanda P. Golden

Postdoctoral Fellow in Poetics, Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Emory University
Dissertation: Annotating Modernism: The Reading and Teaching Strategies of Sylvia Plath, John Berryman, and Anne Sexton
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Sydney Kaplan, John Coldewey

Emily Margaret James

University of St. Thomas-Minneapolis
Dissertation: Before Babel: Modernism, the Nonsense Tradition, and Technologies of Word Production
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Kathleen Blake, Thomas Lockwood

Paul A. Jaussen

Case Western Reserve University
Dissertation: Abiding Song: Evolutions of the Life Poem
Dissertation Committee: Herbert Blau (dir), Leroy Searle, Henry Staten, Jeanne Heuving

Jason A. Jones

Dissertation: Constructing the Iranian Nuclear Threat: Rhetoric, Governmentality, and the Press
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Sandra Silberstein, Candice Rai

Fang Li

Inha University
Dissertation: Dialogic Trilogy: Gaskell, Bronte and the Genesis of Social Realism in Non-domestic Fiction by Women
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (dir), Joseph Butwin, Marshall Brown

Roderick Bruce Overaa

Dissertation: Eastern Religion and the Dilemmas of the Modern
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Sydney Kaplan, Robert Abrams

Darlene Rompogren

Tacoma Community College
Dissertation: Language Diversity in College Composition Courses: Multilingual Students in English Comosition at Tacoma Community College
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Sandra Silberstein, George Dillon

Travis J. Sands

University of Washington-Bothell
Dissertation: The Queer Values of Neoliberalism: Sexuality, Race, and U.S. Cultural Politics
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Eva Cherniavsky, Gillian Harkins

Matthew James Vechinski

Dissertation: Literary by Design: The Functional Aesthetics of the Twentieth-Century Novel
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Herbert Blau

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Todd A. Borlik

Bloomsbury University
Dissertation: Green Pastures: Ecocriticism and Early Modern English Literature
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey(dir), William Streitberger, Gary Handwerk

Keith M. Feldman

University of California-Berkeley
Dissertation: Racing the Question: Israel/Palestine and U.S. Imperial Culture
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum and Nikhil Singh (co-dir), Laura Chrisman

Ronald Fuentes

University of Mississippi
Dissertation: ELLs' Experiences of University Culture
Dissertation Committee: Yasuko Kanno and Sandra Silberstein (co-dir), Suhanthie Motha, James Tollefson

Dokubo Melford Goodhead

Spelman College
Dissertation: Nation, Writer, and Text: Toward a Critical Realist Reading of African and African Diaspora Literatures
Dissertation Committee: Laura Chrisman(dir), Herbert Blau, Johnnella Butler

Michelle LaFrance

University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
Dissertation: The Trouble with Intros to English Studies: A Case Study of Negotiating Disciplinary Writing in a Linked Gateway Course for Undergraduate English Majors
Dissertation Committee: John Webster and Gail Stygall (co-dir), George Dillon

Matthew Levay

Writing Program, Harvard University
Dissertation: Modernism's Crimes: Violence, Degeneracy, and Detection
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Brian Reed, Herbert Blau

Raymond A. Oenbring

University of the Bahamas
Dissertation: Scientific Rhetoric and Disciplinary Identity: A Critical Rhetorical History of Generative Grammar
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (dir), Gail Stygall, Colette Moore, Leah Ceccarelli

Shawna Shapiro

Middlebury College
Dissertation: From Isolated Remediation to Collaborative Mediation: Confronting Institutional Isolation in University ESL Programs
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Sandra Silberstein, Anis Bawarshi

Heather Lyn Stansbury

Dissertation: Romantic Incest: Gender, Desire, and Defiance
Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Halmi (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Herbert Blau

Lisa Thornhill

Dissertation: Racial Literacy as Antidote to Color-Blind Racism: Counter-Hegemonic Responses and Critical Community Engagement
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Gail Stygall, Anis Bawarshi

Honni van Rijswijk

University of Technology, Sidney, Australia
Dissertation: The Poetics of Personal Injury: Law, Literature, and the Value of Suffering
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Lockwood (dir), Carolyn Allen, Brian Reed

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Ryan Edward Burt

Dissertation: Reading for Time: Race and the Politics of the American Canon in an Age of Empire
Dissertation Committee: Caroline Simpson (dir), Brian Reed, Chandan Reddy

Karol Lynn Cooper

State University of New York-Oswego
Dissertation: Transactional Anxiety and the Rhetoric of the Soul in Aphra Behn and Daniel Defoe
Dissertation Committee: Herbert Blau (dir), Thomas Lockwood, Odai Johnson

Steven Joseph Corbett

Southern Connecticut State University
Dissertation: Rhetorics of Close Collaboration: Four Case Studies of Classroom-Based Writing Tutoring and One-to-One Conferencing
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Juan Guerra, George Dillon

Daniel J. Griesbach

Edmonds Community College
Dissertation: The Joads All Over Again: Farmworker History and Artistic Form in Lange, Steinbeck, Barrio, and Viramontes
Dissertation Committee: Robert Shulman (dir), Mark Patterson, Monika Kaup

Melanie K. Kill

Texas Christian University
Dissertation: Challenging Communication: A Genre Theory of Innovative Uptake
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Juan Guerra, Gail Stygall

Kimberly Kay Lamm

Pratt Institute
Dissertation: Composing and Contesting the Space of Visibility: Literary and Visual Portraiture in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Culture
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum and Priscilla Wald (co-chairs), Robert Abrams, Brian Reed

Lesley Alexandra Larkin

Northern Michigan University
Dissertation: "And in This Task We Create the Self": Reading Race and Twentieth-Century American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Alys Weinbaum (dir), Katherine Cummings, Gillian Harkins

Meredith J. Lee

Kapi'olani Community College
Dissertation: Writing as Cultural Action: Student Writing at a Bicultural School
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Gail Stygall, Juan Guerra

Sharleen Mondal

Ashland University
Dissertation: Pernicious Acts: Constructions of Colonized Women's Sexuality in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century British and South Asian Literature
Dissertation Committee: Chandan Reddy and Charles Laporte (co-dir), Jordanna Bailkin, Priti Ramamurthy

Amy R. Reddinger

University of Wisconsin-Marinette
Dissertation: Domestic Inversions, Domestic Interventions: Mapping the Postwar Formation of Home, School, and Family
Dissertation Committee: Caroline Simpson and Anis Bawarshi (co-dir), Katherine Cummings

Vincent Joseph Schleitwiler

Williams College
Dissertation: The Strange Fruit of Empire: Reading the Literatures of Black and Asian Migrations
Dissertation Committee: Eva Cherniavsky and Chandan Reddy (co-dir), Johnnella Butler, Joycelyn Moody, Vincente Rafael

Lisa Diane Simon

University of Montana
Dissertation: H.D.'s Anthropoetics
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Charles Laporte, Sydney Kaplan

Angela L. Sucich

Dissertation: Monstrum Partibus: Composing Hybrids in the Middle Ages
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey (dir), Paul Remley, Miceal Vaughan

Riki Ellen Thompson

University of Washington-Tacoma
Dissertation: Virtual Recovery: Governing Mental Health and Self-Improvement Online
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Gail Stygall, Crispin Thurlow

Steven M. Tobias

Mellon Fellow, University of California-Los Angeles
Dissertation: Engaging the Maghreb: Productions of the Secular/Sacred within the Context of the U.S.-Barbary Conflicts
Dissertation Committee: Bruce Burgett (dir), Eva Cherniavsky, Mark Patterson, Nikhil Singh

Ji-Young Um

Williams College
Dissertation: War Without End: 20th Century U.S. Wars in Asia and Empire Structured in Dominance
Dissertation Committee: Caroline Simpson (dir), Chandan Reddy, Enrique Bonus

Ted S. Wayland

Olympic College
Dissertation: High Risk Modernism
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Brian Reed, Gary Handwerk

Caroline H. Yang

University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Dissertation: Reconstruction's Labor: Narratives of Reconstruction and Racialized Labor in U.S. Culture and History, 1890-1935
Dissertation Committee: Caroline Simpson and Moon-ho Jung (co-dir), Chandan Reddy, Stephen Sumida


Candace M. Barlow

Dissertation: Personal Narratives of Rural Places in Twentieth-century American (U.S.) Literature and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Carolyn Allen (dir), Mark Patterson, Kathleen Woodward

Krisda Chaemsaithong

University of Houston
Dissertation: Linguistic and Stylistic Constructions of Witchcraft and Witches: A Case of Witchcraft Pamphlets in Early Modern England
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), George Dillon, Colette Moore, Paul Remley

Teagan E. Decker

University of North Carolina-Pembroke
Dissertation: From Social Justice to Diversity: Tracing the Discourses of Affirmative Action
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Sandra Silberstein, Juan Guerra

Wei Zhi Gao

University of Washington-Bothell
Dissertation: Creative Criticism: The Example of James Joyce
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (Director), Robert Abrams, Thomas Lockwood, Shawn Wong

Jill E. Gatlin

New England Conservatory
Dissertation: Nature, Environmental Hazard, and the Everyday Landscape of Resistance: A Genealogy of U.S. Literary Environmental Justice, 1861-1995
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Kathleen Blake, Mark Patterson

Stacy E. Grooters

Director of Center for Teaching and Learning & Associate Professor, Stonehill College, Easton MA
Dissertation: Decolonizing the Pedagogy of Empire: Queering the Eduction of Desire in the Colonial School Story
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake and Johnnella Butler (co-dir), Juan Guerra

Kellie D. Holzer

Dissertation: Tying the Knot: A Conjoined Genealogy of Marital Fictions in Colonial India and Victorian England
Dissertation Committee: Richard Dunn (dir), Kathleen Blake, Chandan Reddy, Michael Shapiro

David William Huntsperger

Dissertation: A New Way of Working: Procedural Form in Postmodern American Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Jessica Burstein, Jeanne Heuving

Karen J. Kuo

Arizona State University
Dissertation: Lost Imaginaries: Images of Asia in America, 1924-1942
Dissertation Committee: Caroline Simpson and Priscilla Wald (co-dir), Shawn Wong, Susan Jeffords

Rebecca Suzanne Rauve

Dissertation: Immanent Fiction: Self-Present Consciousness in the Novels of Dorothy Richardson
Dissertation Committee: Henry Staten (dir), Sydney Kaplan, Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen

Mitzi Schrag

Clark College
Dissertation: Rei(g)ning Mediums: Spiritualism and Social Controls in 19th-Century American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald and Bruce Burgett (co-dir), Carolyn Allen

Brian Daniel Zindel

Dissertation: Seeking a Techno-fix: Postmodern War, U.S. Culture, and Invisible Killing Zones
Dissertation Committee: Brian Reed (dir), Monika Kaup, Kathleen Woodward


Jim Cheung Chin

South Seattle Community College
Dissertation: Realism and the Hierarchy of Racial Inclusion: Representations of African Americans and Chinese Americans in Post-Civil War Literature and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Caroline Simpson (dir), Johnnella Butler, Moon-ho Jung

David S. Cho

Dissertation: Alternative Visions of the Korean American Subject: Narrative, National, and Historical "Disidentifications" in the 20th Century Korean American Novel
Dissertation Committee: Shawn Wong (dir), Stephen Sumida, Mona Lisa Saloy

Peter Frederick Clements

International University of Japan
Dissertation: Teachers' Feedback in Context: A Longitudinal Study of L2 Writing Classrooms
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (Director), Anis Bawarshi, Sandra Silberstein

Gabrielle N.O. Dean

Dissertation: Seeing Things and Marking Time: Visual Presence and the Self in Emily Dickinson and Gertrude Stein
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano (dir), Brian Reed, Jessica Burstein

Jason Matthew Ens

Concordia University
Dissertation: Making Engagement: Higher Education Reform Discourse and Organizational Change
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Juan Guerra, Gary Handwerk

George S. Erving

University of Puget Sound
Dissertation: Coleridge, Priestley, and the Culture of Unitarian Descent
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano (dir), Gary Handwerk, Marshall Brown, Nicholas Halmi

Alison Tracy Hale

University of Puget Sound
Dissertation: Education and National Identity in Early American Sensational Fiction, 1790-1830
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald and Bruce Burgett (co-chairs), Gail Stygall

Steven Kirkham Johnson

Associate Dean, Southern New Hampshire University
Dissertation: Re-enacting the Civil War: Genre and American Memory
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Crolyn Allen, Anis Bawarshi

Jennifer K. Ladino

Creighton University
Dissertation: Back to Nature: American Nostalgia from the Closed Frontier to the End of Nature
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Caroline Simpson, Carolyn Allen

Mark D. Larabee

U.S. Naval Academy
Dissertation: Front Lines of Modernism: Literary Topographies of the First World War
Dissertation Committee: Jessica Burstein (dir), Gail Stygall, Juan Guerra

Tanya Sue Lenz

Dissertation: Chaucer's Oneiric Medicine: Dreams, Disease, Healing, and Literary Endeavor
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey (dir), Paul Remley, Miceal Vaughan

Juan Li

University of St. Thomas
Dissertation: Discursive Construction of Nationalist Ideologies in Times of Crisis: A Comparative Approach to the News Media in the United States and China
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Juan Guerra, George Dillon

James Patrick Linder

Dissertation: Speculating on Space: Spatio-Social Consolidation and Community
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald and Henry Staten (co-chairs), Benjamin Schmidt

Catherine Hazel McDonald

Western Washington University
Dissertation: The Question of Transferability: What Students Take Away from Writing Instruction
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Gail Stygall, Juan Guerra

Maureen Phillips

Liberty University
Dissertation: Birthing a Third Gender: The Discourse of Women in the American Military
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (Director), Juan Guerra, Sandra Silberstein

Alicia Maria Rivera

Western Washington University
Dissertation: "Potent Fusions": Diasporic Identities in Twentieth Century Science Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Brian Reed, Steven Shaviro

Stephen Hildreth Schillinger

Lawrence Technological University
Dissertation: Common Representations: Jack Straw on the Early Modern Stage and Literary History as Cultural History
Dissertation Committee: Barbara Fuchs and Henry Staten (co-chairs), Benjamin Schmidt

Joseph Matthew Tate

Dissertation: Shakespeare, Prose, and Verse: Unreadable Forms
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), John Coldewey, John Webster

Teresa M. Thonney

Columbia Basin College
Dissertation: Teaching Students About Writing in the Disciplines and Beyond
Dissertation Committee: Anis Bawarshi (dir), Gail Stygall, Juan Guerra

Amy Vidali

University of Colorado-Denver
Dissertation: "Disabling" Discourses: Disability Identity in Institutional Texts
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Anis Bawarshi, Juan Guerra

Molly Elizabeth Wallace

The Queen's University
Dissertation: After the End of Nature: The Bizarre Ecologies of Contemporary U.S. Literature and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Alys Weinbaum, Caroline Simpson, Thomas Foster

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Leigh Ann Berte

Dissertation: Locomotive Subjectivity: The Railroad, Literature, and the Geography of Identity in America, 1830-1930
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald and Caroline Simpson (co-dir), Gail Dubrow, Bruce Burgett

Lana Lee Dalley

California State University-Fullerton
Dissertation: Writing the Economic Woman: Gender, Political Economy and Nineteenth-Century Women's Literature
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (Director), Joseph Butwin, Jordanna Bailkin

Elizabeth Laurie Falsberg

Dissertation: Ancrene Wisse in its Ethical and Sociolinguistic Setting
Dissertation Committee: Paul Remley (Director), Anne Curzan, Scott Noegel

Marguerite C. Finnigan

Dissertation: On Value: Victorian PoliticalEconomy and the Victorian Novel
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (Director), Gary Handwerk, Richard Dunn, Marshall Brown

Nina Rochelle Goss

Dissertation: Reading is Still Life: Why Planet Auschwitz is Where I Learned the Awful and Irresistible Yes
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (Director), Joseph Butwin, Maya Sonenberg

Bryn Heather Gribben

Seattle University
Dissertation: Bodies That Shatter: Ekphrasis, Beauty, and the Victorian Body as Art
Dissertation Committee: Herbert Blau (Director), Richard Dunn, Robert Abrams

Ann Junko Hiramine

Dissertation: Resisting the Normativizing of Identity through Invisible Discursive Means: The Performance of Literacy in Asian America
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (Director), Shawn Wong, Caroline Simpson, Juan Guerra

Kathryn Julia Hogan

Dissertation: Student Subjectivity and the Study of Literature: the Possibility of Free Space
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (Director), Anis Bawarshi, Anne Doyle

Stephanie LeAnne Johnson

Lilly Postdoctoral Fellow, Valparaiso University
Dissertation: Interrogating Time: The Ethics of Epiphany in Wordsworth, Tennyson, Barrett Browning, and Woolf
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (Director), Sydney Kaplan, Richard Dunn

Alissa Genet Karl

State University of New York-Brockport
Dissertation: Modernism and the Marketplace: Literary Cultures and Consumer Capitalism, 1915-1939
Dissertation Committee: Carolyn Allen (Director), Mark Patterson, Sydney Kaplan

Steven Daniel Mentor

Evergreen Valley College
Dissertation: A Dissertation for Cyborgs: Mapping the Rhetorics of a Technoscientific Monster, 1948-1985
Dissertation Committee: Sydney Kaplan (Director), Gail Stygall, Kathleen Woodward

Colby David Nelson

St. Mary's College
Dissertation: Literary Inventions in Modern American Criminal Narratives
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald and Caroline Simpson (co-dir), Bruce Burgett

Brandy Parris

Dissertation: Emotional Labor, Women's Work, and Sentimental Capital in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (Director), Carolyn Allen, Caroline Simpson, Kathleen Woodward

Spencer Wood Schaffner

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Dissertation: Texturation in Everyday Life: American Field Guides to Birds and Their Use
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (Director), Anis Bawarshi, Gail Stygall

Amy Dunham Strand

Dissertation: Governing Voices: Language, Gender, and Citizenship in American Literature, 1789-1919
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (Director), Anne Curzan, Gail Stygall

Todd F. Tietchen

South Dakota State University
Dissertation: Soldiers, Pacifists, and Secret Agents: Militarization and the Cold War Public Arena
Dissertation Committee: Robert Shulman (Director), Nikhil Singh, Chandan Reddy


Justine Isabel Barda

Dissertation: Heteronormativity and Marriage in Law and Popular Culture
Dissertation Committee: Susan Jeffords (Director), Katherine Cummings, Steven Shaviro

Veronica Marie Browning

Dissertation: Speaking Time: Intersections of Literature and Chronosophy
Dissertation Committee: Miceal Vaughan (Director), Mark Patterson, Steven Shaviro

Heather Clark Easterling

Gonzaga University
Dissertation: "Parsing the City": Jonson, Middleton, Dekker, and City Comedy's London as Language
Dissertation Committee: Sara van den Berg (Director), John Webster, Anne Curzan

Colbey Lani Emmerson

York College
Dissertation: Careless of Correctness: Modernism and the Mistake from Henry James to the Harlem Renaissance
Dissertation Committee: Ross Posnock and Jessica Burstein (co-dir), Robert Abrams, Marshall Brown

Gary Richard Ettari

University of North Carolina-Asheville
Dissertation: "That Within Which Passeth Show": The Dialectics of Early Modern Subjectivity
Dissertation Committee: John Webster (Director), Sara van den Berg, John Coldewey, Gary Handwerk

Hillary Jean Fogerty

Merylhurst University
Dissertation: Sexed Bodies and Gendered Acts: Motherhood in Film Adaptations of Shakespeare
Dissertation Committee: Jennifer Bean (Director), John Webster, John Coldewey

Cara Ann Lane

Research Scientist Program for Educational Transformation Through Technology, University of Washington
Dissertation: Moments in the Life of Literature
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (Director), Richard Dunn, Jennifer Bean, Raimonda Modiano

Nicole Merola

Rhode Island School of Design
Dissertation: Mountains, Discourses, Lines, and Deserts: Close Reading Ethical Land Practices in Twentieth-Century America
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (Director), Susan Jeffords, Alys Weinbaum, Kathleen Woodward

Tamiko Fiona Nimura

University of Puget Sound
Dissertation: In a Coalition Mood: African American Literature, Asian American Literature, and the Politics of Comparison
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (Director), Stephen Sumida, Chandan Reddy, Caroline Simpson

Elena Brit Olsen

Dissertation: "Alone I Climb the Craggy Steep": Literary Ambition and Metaphysical Identity in Eighteenth-Century Women's Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Lockwood (Director), Jeanne Heuving, Marshall Brown

Brooke Alyson Stafford

Creighton University
Dissertation: Outside England: Movement and Early Modern Englishness
Dissertation Committee: Barbara Fuchs and Mark Patterson (co-dir), John Webster, Benjamin Schmidt

James Cody Walker

Dissertation: Oh Ho Alas Alas: Poetry and Difficult Laughter
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (Director), Richard Kenney, Heather McHugh

Christine Ann Wooley

St. Mary's College
Dissertation: Sentimental Ethics: The African-American Sentimental Tradition at the Turn of the Century
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (Director), Caroline Simpson, Robert Abrams, Kathleen Woodward


Corinne M. Adler

Society, Culture & Justice Studies, Antioch University
Dissertation: Screening the Dream: Hollywood in the Era of "Family Values"
Dissertation Committee: Susan Jeffords (Director), Katherine Cummings, Mark Patterson

Kimberly Kay Emmons

Case Western Reserve University
Dissertation: More Than Blue: Discourses of/on Woman and Depression
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (Director), George Dillon, Anis Bawarshi, Anne Curzan, Patricia Betrus

Joshua Benjamin Fisher

Wingate University
Dissertation: Misreading and the Parameters of Exemplarity in Early Modern England
Dissertation Committee: Sara van den Berg and Barbara Fuchs (co-dir), Paul Remley, Fred Levy

Christy E. Flores

Fullerton College
Dissertation: The Politics of Racial and Cultural Hybridity in 20th Century American Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (sup), Juan Guerra, Lauro Flores

Catherine Elizabeth Landwehr

Portland Community College
Dissertation: Self-Interest, Self-Sacrifice, and Self-Construction in Early and Mid-Victorian Literature
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (Director), Richard Dunn, Raimonda Modiano

Christine Elizabeth Mower

Seattle University
Dissertation: Wasting Women, Corporeal Cirizens: Race and the Making of the Notorious Female Citizen, 1870-1914
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald and Caroline Simpson (co-dir), Joycelyn Moody, Bruce Burgett

Tedra S. Osell

University of Guelph
Dissertation: The Ghost Writer: English Essay Periodicals and the Materialization of the Public in the Eighteenth Century
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (sup), Thomas Lockwood, Barbara Fuchs, Srinivas Aravamudan

Anne Elizabeth Raine

University of Ottawa
Dissertation: A Thing Wide Open: Nature, Modernity, and American Women Writers
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald and Jessica Burstein (co-dir), Mark Patterson, Ross Posnock

Margaret Roland

Marylhurst University
Dissertation: Material Malory: The Roman War account in the Caxton and Winchester Documents and a Parallel-Text Edition
Dissertation Committee: Paul Remley (dir), Miceal Vaughan, Anne Curzan, Raimonda Modiano

Lauren Anne Stasiak

Dissertation: Victorian Professinals, Intersubjectivity, and the fin-de-siecle Gothic Text
Dissertation Committee: Lauren Goodlad and Kathleen Blake (co-chairs), Marshall Brown


Helane Denise Adams

Miami University-Middletown
Dissertation: "Powers From the Deep": Ethnic Cultural Memory and Wholeness Theory in Fiction by African American and Chicana Women
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (dir), Juan Guerra, John Walter, Lauro Flores

Steven Wade Browning

Dissertation: Webwriting 281: Coding, Compromise and Considerations in Teaching Writing for the World Wide Web
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (dir), Gail Stygall, Anis Bawarshi

Michael Filas

Westfield State College
Dissertation: Cyborg Subjectivity
Dissertation Committee: Malcolm Griffith (dir), Mark Patterson, Katherine Cummings, Jennifer Bean

Charles Fischer

Everett Community College
Dissertation: Producing the Politics of the Parodic: The (Porno) Graphing of the Bourgeois Body
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Eric LaGuardia, William Dunlop, Malcolm Griffith

Conseula Alena Francis

The College of Charleston
Dissertation: (Re)Making a Difference: Theorizing Experience and Racial Individuality in Twentieth Century African American Literature and Literary Theory
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (dir), Caroline Simpson, Mark Patterson

Jeffrey Nevin Hipolito

Everett Community College
Dissertation: Extremes Meet: Ethics and Aesthetics in the Prose of S.T. Coleridge
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano (dir), Hazard Adams, Leroy Searle, Nicholas Halmi

Aniko Imre

Critical Studies/Cinema Studies, University of Southern California
Dissertation: Allegories of Transition: Feminism and Postcolonial East European Cinemas
Dissertation Committee: Susan Jeffords and Ranjana Khanna (co-dir), Gordana Crnkovic, Claudia Gorbman

Gail Kluepfel

Dissertation: Reading Textual Differences: Grammars, Epistemologies, and their Subjects in Composition
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (dir), Gail Stygall, Anis Bawarshi

Jodi M.E. Lundgren

University College of the Cariboo
Dissertation: Narrative Aesthetics, Multicultural Politics, and (Trans)National Subjects: Contemporary Fictions of Canada
Dissertation Committee: Carolyn Allen (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Gary Handwerk, Katherine Cummings

Alison Marie Mandaville

Luther College
Dissertation: Spelling Violation: Writing Bodies From the Margins
Dissertation Committee: Malcolm Griffith (dir), Katherine Cummings, Jeanne Heuving

Deborah Miranda

Washington and Lee
Dissertation: "In My Subversive Country": Searching for American Indian Women's Love Poetry and Erotics
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Carolyn Allen, Anis Bawarshi, Janet McAdams


Maria Mohr Amonette

Dissertation: Beyond the ESL Grammar Classroom: A Descriptive Study of Transfer of Grammatical Instruction
Dissertation Committee: Heidi Riggenbach (dir), Sandra Silberstein, Juan Guerra

Rachael Anne Barnett

Dissertation: The Representation of Internal Colonialism in Contemporary American Ethnic Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (dir), Caroline Simpson, Juan Guerra

Bradley Paul Benz

Fort Lewis College
Dissertation: "ESL Trouble Spots": Composition Handbooks, Ideology and the Politics of ESL Writing and English as a Global Language
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (dir), Gail Stygall, Heidi Riggenbach, Juan Guerra

Matthew Reid Davis

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Dissertation: Nineteenth-Century Rhetorics of American Brotherhood
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Susan Jeffords, Gregg Crane

Lydia Indira Fisher

University of Pennsylvania Writing Program
Dissertation: Domesticating the Nation: American Narratives of Home Culture
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Carolyn Allen, Gregg Crane, Ranjana Khanna

Katherine Pruett Frank

Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indiana University East
Dissertation: Seen Through Glass Town: The Bronte Juvenilia, Collaboration, and Victorian Authorship
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Kathleen Blake, Raimonda Modiano, Joseph Butwin

Jason Marc Harris

Texas A&M University
Dissertation: Folklore, Fantasy and Fiction: the Function of Supernatural Folklore in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century British Prose Narratives of the Literary Fantastic
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Joseph Butwin, William Dunlop, Thomas DuBois

David Michael Hennessee

California Polytechnic University
Dissertation: Male Masochistic Fantasy in Carlyle, Tennyson, Dickens, and Swinburne
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (dir), Gary handwerk, Lauren Goodlad, Katherine Cummings

Jing Liu

Ocean University of China, Qingdao
Dissertation: Mini-lectures of Chinese Native Speakers of English: A Comparative Discourse Analysis
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Heidi Riggenbach, Anne Curzan, James Tollefson

Jeremy Peter Lowe

Dissertation: Desiring Truth: The Process of Judgment in Fourteenth-Century Art and Literature
Dissertation Committee: Miceal Vaughan (dir), John Coldewey, Robin Stacey, Richard Emmerson, Ranjana Khanna

Davis Oldham

Bellevue Community College
Dissertation: The Idea of Trust in the Age of Trusts
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald (dir), Susan Jeffords, Gregg Crane

Arlene May Plevin

Dissertation: Writing, Self, and Community: The Ethical Rhetoric of Place
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Juan Guerra, David C. Morris, Anis Bawarshi

Tabitha Sparks

McGill University
Dissertation: Family Practices: Medicine, Gender, and Literature in Victorian Literature
Dissertation Committee: Lauren Goodlad (dir), Kathleen Blake, Gary Handwerk

Ann Marie Tandy

University of Wisconsin-Superior
Dissertation: The Human Sublime and the Problems of Relation in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Richard Dunn (dir), Kathleen Blake, Lauren Goodlad, David McCracken


Douglas James Barrett

Dissertation: The Prophetic Fount: The Ideal of Abundance and Milton's Recovery of Paradise
Dissertation Committee: Henry Staten (dir), Charles Altieri, Leroy Searle

Dennis Chester

Assistant Professor, California State University, Hayward
Dissertation: Performance, Spectatorship, and the Evolution of Nationalism in Harlem Renaissance Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (dir), Carolyn Simpson, Susan Jeffords, John Walter

Gregory Choy

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Dissertation: Sites of Function in Asian-American Literature: Tropics of Place, Agents of Space
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (dir), Carolyn Simpson, Shawn Wong, Sam Solberg

Merrill Cole

Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University
Dissertation: The Erotics of Masculine Demise: Homosexual Sacrifice in Modernist Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Jeanne Heuving, Cynthia Steele, Ranjana Khanna

Mary Jane Elliott

Assistant Professor, Seattle University
Dissertation: (Re)Visionary Representations: Transmigratory Subjectivity in Contemporary Latina Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (dir), Juan Guerra, Susan Jeffords

Kathleen Harrington

Speechwriter, U.S. Air Force
Dissertation: Leadership by Design: The Gendered Construction of Military (Air Force) Officers
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Priscilla Wald, Susan Jeffords

Bret Lane Keeling

Acting Assistant Professor, Pacific Lutheran University
Dissertation: Of Another World: the Intersubjective Gift
Dissertation Committee: Sydney Kaplan (dir), Malcolm Griffith, Jeanne Heuving, Sara van den Berg

Laurel Allison King

Dissertation: God's in His Lab and All's Right With the World: Depictions of Science in 19th Century American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Keith Benson, Robert Abrams, William Rorabaugh

Elizabeth Mowry Klimasmith

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts
Dissertation: At Home in the City: Networked Space and Urban Modernity in American Literature, 1850-1925
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald and Mark Patterson (co-dir), Susan Glenn, Ross Posnock

Laura Eileen Kuske

Assistant Professor, Alma College
Dissertation: Border Stories: Rethinking the Function of Captivity in Early National Fiction
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Malcolm Griffith, Gregg Crane

Peter Kvidera

Assistant Professor, John Carroll University
Dissertation: Narrating Americanization: Space and Form in U.S. Immigrant Writing
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald (dir), Caroline Simpson, Gregg Crane, Ross Posnock

Shannon McRae

Assistant Professor, State University of New York-Fredonia
Dissertation: 'A Dream of Purely Burning': Myth, Gender and Modernism
Dissertation Committee: Katherine Cummings (dir), Tim Dean, Jeanne Heuving, Robin Stacey

Julie Prebel

Acting Assistant Professor, Occidental University
Dissertation: Domestic Mobility in the American Post-Frontier, 1890-1900
Dissertation Committee: Susan Jeffords (dir), Priscilla Wald, Mark Patterson, Susan Glenn

Thaine Stearns

Assistant Professor, Sonoma State University
Dissertation: A Visible Chaos: Conflicted Exchanges in Anglo-American Modernism
Dissertation Committee: Malcolm Griffith (dir), Sydney Kaplan, Jessica Burstein

James William Thomas

Dissertation: The Shaman in the Disco and Other Dreams of Masculinity: A Theory of Male Self-Alienation
Dissertation Committee: Robert Shulman (dir), John Griffith, Willis Konick

Sean Williams

Associate Professor, Clemson University
Dissertation: Theorizing a Perspective on World Wide Web Argumentation
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (dir), Gail Stygall, David Farkas, Sandra Silberstein

Jeanne Ellen Yeasting

Lecturer, Western Washington University
Dissertation: Double Trouble: Romantic Idealism in the Novels of Mary Shelley, Emily Bronte, and Angela Carter
Dissertation Committee: Hazard Adams (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Kathleen Blake, Marshall Brown


Rebecca Aanerud

Acting Instructor, University of Washington 1999-2001
Dissertation: Maintaining Comfort, Sustaining Power: Narratives of White Liberalism
Dissertation Committee : Susan Jeffords (dir), Priscilla Wald, Johnnella Butler, Nikhil Singh

Joseph Cebert Baillargeon

Dissertation: The Page of Eliot: A Bibliographical Study of The Waste Land
Dissertation Committee: William Streitberger (dir), Mark Patterson, Hazard Adams, Leroy Searle

Dagni Bredesen

Assistant Professor, Eastern Illinois University
Dissertation: Categorical Exceptions: Widows, Sexuality and Fictions of (Dis)Coverture in Victorian Domestic and Imperial Narratives
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (dir), Lauren Goodlad, Gary Handwerk, Gregg Crane

William Ridgeway Carpenter

Dissertation: Lyrical Thematics in Faulkner's Light in August
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Malcolm Griffith, Gregg Crane, William Dunlop

Michael Dace Caufield

Musician/Organic Horticulturalist, America/Ireland
Dissertation: Let There Be Life: Notes Toward a Philosophy of Art in the Works of D.H. Lawrence and Wallace Stevens
Dissertation Committee: Hazard Adams (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Charles Altieri, Evan Watkins

John Eckman

Dissertation: Confronting Modernity: Urbanization and American Fiction, 1880-1930
Dissertation Committee: Sydney Kaplan (dir), Priscilla Wald, Gail Stygall

Ellen Morris Evans

Assistant Professor, Alaska Pacific University
Dissertation: Back to Nature: Location, Identity, and 'Naturalization'
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald (dir), Mark Patterson, Caroline Simpson

Susan Hrach Georgecink

Assistant Professor and Director, Writing Center, Columbus State University
Dissertation: Practices of Writing: Early Modern Metaphors of Literacy and the Function of Composition, Past and Present
Dissertation Committee: Sara van den Berg (dir), Juan Guerra, Malcolm Griffith

Allan Jay Goren

Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Pan American
Dissertation: Fathers and Sons in the Prime of Youth: Milton's Major and Minor Poetry
Dissertation Committee: Sara van den Berg (dir), Marshall Brown, Alan Fisher, Eric LaGuardia

Carl David Grove

Dissertation: The Official English Debate in the United States Congress: A Critical Analysis
Dissertation Committee: James Tollefson (dir), Heidi Riggenbach, Sandra Silberstein, Gail Stygall

Mark M. Lester

Acting Instructor, University of Washington 1999-2001
Dissertation: Reading of Leibniz: Metaphysics in the Writings of S.I. Witkiewicz, Ezra Pround and Wyndham Lewis
Dissertation Committee: Steven Shaviro (dir), Malcolm Griffith, Gary Handwerk

Julia Leyda

Sophia University
Dissertation: Room to Move in the American 30s, 40s, and 50s
Dissertation Committee: Susan Jeffords (dir), Matthew Sparke, Priscilla Wald, Steven Shaviro

Tilar Jenon Mazzeo

Assistant Professor, Colby College
Dissertation: Producing the Romantic 'Literary': Travel Writing, Plagiarism, and the Shelley/Byron Circle
Dissertation Committee: Hazard Adams (dir), Raimonda Modiano, John Coldewey, Eugene Vance

Gretchen Anne Murphy

Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Austen
Dissertation: Locating the Nation: Literature, Narrative and the Monroe Doctrine, 1823-1904
Dissertation Committee: Priscilla Wald (dir), Susan Jeffords, Mark Patterson, Caroline Simpson

Thomas Lane Nissley

Dissertation: Intimate and Authentic Economies: The Market Identity of the Self-Made Man
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Malcolm Griffith, Joycelyn Moody, Ross Posnock

Russell R.W. Prather

Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow, Morocco 2001-02
Dissertation: The Apocalyptic Argument
Dissertation Committee: Hazard Adams (dir), Leroy Searle, Raimonda Modiano, Steven Shaviro

Wendy Ann Somerson

Dissertation: Sexual Spaces: Narratives of U.S. Sexualities in the Era of Transnationalism
Dissertation Committee: Susan Jeffords (dir), Caroline Simpson, Priscilla Wald, Katherine Cummings, Matthew Sparke

Laurie Ann Stephan

Writing Center, Bellevue Community College
Dissertation: Political Correctness vs Freedom of Speech: Social Uses of Language Ideology
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra and Gail Stygall (co-dir), Heidi Riggenbach, James Tollefson

Michael Ray Weingrad

Montague Burton Fellow, Center for Judaic Studies, University of Leeds
Dissertation: Benjamin or Bataille: Transgression, Redemption, and the Origins of Postmodern Thought
Dissertation Committee: Raimonda Modiano (dir), Leroy Searle, Ross Posnock, Naomi Sokoloff


Stephen R. Andrews

Assistant Professor, Grinnell College
Dissertation: Salvaging Virginia: Transitivity, Race, and the Problem of Consent
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Priscilla Wald, Ross Posnock

Clinton Parham Edwin Atchley

Assistant Professor, Henderson State University
Dissertation: The 'Wose' of Jacob's Well: Text and Context
Dissertation Committee: Miceal Vaughan (dir), Paul Remley, Robert Stevick, David Fowler

Daniel Alexandre Burgoyne

Lecturer, University of British Columbia
Dissertation: The Colloquy of Edgar Allen Poe and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Dissertation Committee: Hazard Adams (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Leroy Searle, Robert Abrams

Roland Caissie

Lecturer, DeKalb University
Dissertation: English Verb Phrase Grammar Prototypes for Speakers of Other Languages: A Cognitive Approach to Facilitate Second Language English Composition
Dissertation Committee: Heidi Riggenbach (dir), Robert Stevick, George Dillon

E. Christine Chaney

Assistant Professor, Seattle Pacific University
Dissertation: 'The Aesthetic of Lived Life' from Wollstonecraft to Mill
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Marshall Brown, Kathleen Blake, Susan Gallagher

William Joseph Freind

Assistant Professor, University of West Florida
Dissertation: Fragments and Paradise: The General Economy of Ezra Pound
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Gregg Crane

Phil Gaines

Assistant Professor, Montana State University-Bozeman
Dissertation: Cross Purposes: A Critical Analysis of the Representational Force of Questions in Adversarial Legal Examination
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (dir), Gail Stygall, Sandra Silberstein

William Scott Howard

Assistant Professor, University of Denver
Dissertation: Fantastic Surmise: Seventeenth-Century English Elegies, Elegiac Modes, and the Historical Imagination from Donne to Philips
Dissertation Committee: Sara van den Berg (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Alan Fisher

Corinna Laughlin

Acting Instructor, University of Washington, 1998-2001
Dissertation: The Ossianic Novel
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), David McCracken, Mark Patterson

Ann Stuart Pancake

Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University-Erie, Behrend College
Dissertation: Past (Im)Perfect and the Present Progressive: Time in America's Class Consciousness
Dissertation Committee: Carolyn Allen (dir), Malcolm Griffith, Mark Patterson, Susan Jeffords

Jacqueline LeGall Sloan

Instructor, Pierce College
Dissertation: Oppositional Structure and Design
Dissertation Committee: Sydney Kaplan (dir), Gary Handwerk, Richard Dunn, Gerald Brenner

Leah Mogford Spence

Writing Specialist, Office of Minority Affairs, University of Washington
Dissertation: Magic Words: A Reconceptualization of Magic Realism
Dissertation Committee: Malcolm Griffith (dir), Gary Handwerk, Anthony Geist, Tom Colonnese

Linda Sue Young

Lecturer, Oregon Institute of Technology
Dissertation: House of Mirrors: Reflection and Composition
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Sandra Silberstein, Anne Doyle


Vivyan Campbell Adair

Assistant Professor, Hamilton College
Dissertation: From 'Good Ma' to 'Welfare Queen': A 'Genealogy' of the Poor Woman in 20th Century American Literature, Photography and Culture
Dissertation Committee: Sydney Kaplan (dir), Gail Stygall, Joycelyn Moody, George Dillon

Cristina Leon Alfar

Assistant Professor, Hunter College
Dissertation: 'Evil' Women: Patrilineal Fantasies in Early Modern Tragedy
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey (dir), Robert Markley, Paul Remley, Susan Jeffords

Kirk MacHugh Branch

Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
Dissertation: Telling Stories: Language and Lives in Adult Literacy Narrative
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Juan Guerra, Thomas Lockwood, George Dillon

Sandra Chait

Lecturer/Academic Counselor, Program on Africa, University of Washington
Dissertation: 'Writing the Body Spiritual': Sexual/Textual/Spiritual Links in the Writings of Antonia White, Emily Coleman, and Djuna Barnes
Dissertation Committee: Sydney Kaplan (dir), Malcolm Griffith, Sara van den Berg, Tim Dean

Alan P. Church

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Brownsville
Dissertation: Scribal Rhetoric in Anglo-Saxon England
Dissertation Committee: Robert Stevick (dir), John Coldewey, Alan Fisher, Paul Remley

Sandra Lee Dahlberg

Assistant Professor, University of Houston
Dissertation: Captives, Conquerors, and Storytellers: Literary Legacies of the American Southwest
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Johnnella Butler, Robert Shulman, John Griffith

James Albert DeLater

Assistant Professor, Hillsdale College
Dissertation: The 1683 De optimo genere interpretandi (On the best kind of translating) of Pierre Daniel Huet: Introduction, English Translation, Notes and Commentary
Dissertation Committee: Alan Fisher (dir), Ernst Behler, Stephen Hinds, Nikolai Popov

George Alan Drake

Assistant Professor, Central Washington University
Dissertation: Historical Space in the Eighteenth Century Novel
Dissertation Committee: Marshall Brown (dir), Gary Handwerk, Kathleen Blake, Thomas Lockwood

Ann Elizabeth Ellsworth

Acting Instructor, Department of English, University of Washington, 1997-98
Dissertation: Resisting Richardson: Sarah Fielding, Frances Sheridan, Charlotte Lennox, and the Didactic Novel
Dissertation Committee: Thomas Lockwood (dir), David McCracken, Sydney Kaplan

Christine Cecelia Gilmore

Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Toledo
Dissertation: 'Our Poet the Monarch': Sir Philip Sydney and Renaissance Subjectivity
Dissertation Committee: William Streitberger (dir), John Coldewey, Raimonda Modiano, Sara van den Berg

Doreen Dashel Hamilton

Teacher, Federal Way High School
Dissertation: Voice in English Studies
Dissertation Committee: George Dillon (dir), Sara van den Berg, Anne Doyle

Raymond Harris

Dissertation: Mechanics of the Soul: Technology and the Rhetoric of the Interrupted Self in Twentieth-Century Narratives
Dissertation Committee: Tim Dean (dir), Robert Markley, Katherine Cummings, Steven Shaviro

Jennifer Louise Holberg

Assistant Professor, Calvin College
Dissertation: Searching for Mary Garth: The Figure of the Writing Woman in Charlotte Bronte, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, E.M. Delafield, Barbara Pym, and Anita Brookner
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (dir), Richard Dunn, Sydney Kaplan, Gail Stygall

Michelle E. Kendrick

Assistant Professor, Washington State University-Vancouver
Dissertation: The Technological Subject: Gender, Writing and Hypermedia
Dissertation Committee: Susan Jeffords and Robert Markley (co-dir), Sandra Silberstein, Evan Watkins

Charles William MacQuarrie

Associate Professor, Antelope Valley Community College
Dissertation: The Waves of Manannan: A Study of the Literary Representations of Manannan mac Lir from Immram Brain (c. 700) to Finnegans Wake (1939)
Dissertation Committee: Miceal Vaughan (dir), Paul Remley, Hazard Adams, Robin Stacey

Nicholas Brown O'Connell

Lecturer, Seattle University
Dissertation: On Sacred Ground: The Landscape Literature of the Pacific Northwest
Dissertation Committee: Gerald Brenner (dir), George Dillon, Roger Sale, Charles Johnson

Deirdre Joyce Raynor

Assistant Professor, University of Washington-Tacoma
Dissertation: Concurrent Dialogue in Novels and Plays by African American Women from the Harlem Renaissance to the Present
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (dir), Colleen McElroy, Juan Guerra, Carolyn Allen

Julie Schrader-Villegas

Associate Director, University of Washington Honors Program
Associate Faculty, Cascadia Community College
Dissertation: The Racial Shadow in 20th Century American Literature
Dissertation Committee: Johnnella Butler (dir), Juan Guerra, Shawn Wong, Gail Stygall

Jennifer Lea Schulz

Dissertation: Cultural Infrastructure: The Production and Circulation of the Harlem Renaissance
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Priscilla Wald, Johnnella Butler, Ross Posnock

John Hugh Sheehy

Assistant Professor, Marlboro College
Dissertation: 'The Two of Them Were God': Men, Women, and Dialogue in Faulkner
Dissertation Committee: Gerald Brenner (dir), Roger Sale, Malcolm Griffith, Leroy Searle

Terri Lee Storseth

Assistant Professor, Puhang University of Science and Technology
Dissertation: On the Road With Monkey: The Transmission of Zen Buddhism in Two Contemporary American Novels
Dissertation Committee: Robert Shulman (dir), Roger Sale, Juan Guerra, Alan Fisher

Kari Lynn Tupper

Lecturer in Women Studies, University of Washington
Dissertation: Desire, Transgression and Confession: Women and Crime in American Law and Literature
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Gail Stygall, Gregg Crane, Priscilla Wald

Alan Douglas Vardy

Assistant Professor, Hunter College
Dissertation: Romantic Ethics
Dissertation Committee: Hazard Adams (dir), Leroy Searle, Raimonda Modiano, Steven Shaviro

Heather Hill Vasquez

Assistant Professor, University of Dayton
Dissertation: The Possibilities of Performance: Mediatory Styles in Middle English Religious Drama
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey (dir), Paul Remley, David Fowler, William Streitberger

Ann Kristin Wennerstrom

MATESOL Adviser, Department of English, and Lecturer, English as a Second Language Programs, University of Washington
Dissertation: Discourse Intonation and Second Language Acquisition: Three Genre-Based Studies
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Silberstein (dir), Heidi Riggenbach, Ellen Kaisse, Michael Toolan


David Monroe Baulch

Assistant Professor, University of West Florida
Dissertation: 'Forms Sublime': William Blake's Aesthetics of the Sublime in The Four Zoas, Milton, and Jerusalem
Dissertation Committee: Hazard Adams (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Leroy Searle, Steven Shaviro

Robin Blyn

Assistant Professor, University of West Florida
Dissertation: The After-Life of Memory
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Evan Watkins, Ross Posnock

Jeane C. Breinig

Assistant Professor, University of Alaska-Anchorage
Dissertation: Re-Contextualizing Haida Narrative
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Kathryn Shanley, Gerald Brenner, Johnnella Butler

June Johnson Bube

Lecturer, Seattle University
Dissertation: 'No True Woman': Conflicted Female Subjectivities in Women's Popular 19th-Century Western Adventure Tales
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Vivian Pollak, Robert Shulman, Ross Posnock

Janis McLarren Caldwell

Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University
Dissertation: Thick Narrative: Objectivity and Ethics in Victorian Science and Literature
Dissertation Committee: Gary Handwerk (dir), Kathleen Blake, Gregg Crane, Robert Markley, Sara van den Berg

Kandice Chuh

Assistant Professor, University of Maryland-College Park
Dissertation: Toward a More Perfect Union: Transnationalizing Asian American and Postcolonial Studies
Dissertation Committee: Susan Jeffords (dir), Carolyn Allen, Shawn Wong, Evan Watkins

James Adams Dunn

Dissertation: Studies in the Hermeneutics of Violence in Second Generation British Romanticism
Dissertation Committee: Hazard Adams (dir), Gary Handwerk, Raimonda Modiano, Steven Shaviro

David Thomas Francis

Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh Semester at Sea
Dissertation: Minds of Winter: Dickinson, Stevens, Celan
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Richard Kenney, Steven Shaviro

Paul Guajardo

Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Houston
Dissertation: Identity Extremes: The Autobiographical Impulse of Oscar Acosta and Richard Rodriguez
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Joseph Butwin, Gerald Brenner, Lauro Flores

Terri A. Hasseler

Assistant Professor, Bryant College
Dissertation: 'Myself in India:' the Memsahib Figure in Colonial India
Dissertation Committee: Kathleen Blake (dir), Katherine Cummings, Joseph Butwin, Susan Jeffords

Gary R. Henry

Instructor, Shoreline Community College
Dissertation: Reforming Stories, Reforming Lives: Historical Condition-of-England Novels Between the Reform Bills of 1832-1867
Dissertation Committee: Joseph Butwin (dir), Gary Handwerk, Kathleen Blake, Lauren Goodlad

Margaret H. Hostetler

Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Dissertation: Dwelling on Women: Reading the Spatial Discourses of Medieval Texts
Dissertation Committee: Sally Mussetter (dir), Miceal Vaughan, Paul Remley, Robin Stacey

Mark C. Long

Assistant Professor, Keene State College
Dissertation: The Measure of Inquiry: Whitman, Peirce, Williams and the Claims of Reading in Literary Theory and Criticism
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Ross Posnock, Gerald Brenner, Tim Dean

Barbara Jane McGuire

Dissertation: 'Desolate But Free': The Transitional Figure of the Female Orphan in American Women's Fiction of the 1850s and 1860s
Dissertation Committee: Mark Patterson (dir), Malcolm Griffith, Ross Posnock, Vivian Pollak

James Ignatius McNelis III

Assistant Professor, Wilmington College
Dissertation: The Uncollated Manuscripts of The Master of Game: Towards a New Edition
Dissertation Committee: Paul Remley (dir), Sally Mussetter, Miceal Vaughan, Robert Stevick

Amy Joette Michaels

Dissertation: Rhetoric and the Rise of a National Literature in Late-Medieval England
Dissertation Committee: Miceal Vaughan (dir), Sally Mussetter, John Coldewey, David Fowler

Mary Kelly Persyn

Assistant Professor, University of Virginia-Wise College
Dissertation: 'Eternal Death' and Imaginative Life: Sacrifice vs. Self-annihilation in the Works of William Blake
Dissertation Committee: Hazard Adams (dir), Raimonda Modiano, Paul Remley, Eugene Vance

Bethany Ann Reid

Instructor, Everett Community College
Dissertation: Choosing Illegitimacy: American Writers and the Trope of the Female Bastard
Dissertation Committee: Vivian Pollak (dir), Ross Posnock, Mark Patterson, Sara van den Berg

Carlos Rezende Seligo

Lecturer, Stanford University
Dissertation: The Origin of Science Fiction in the Monsters of Botany: Carolus Linnaeus, Erasmus Darwin, Mary Shelley
Dissertation Committee: Leroy Searle (dir), Katherine Cummings, Raimonda Modiano, Steven Shaviro

Karen Shimakawa

Assistant Professor, University of California-Davis
Dissertation: Racialized National Abjection and the Asian American Body on Stage
Dissertation Committee: Susan Jeffords (dir), Carolyn Allen, Shawn Wong, David Roman

Wendy Ann Swyt

Instructor, Highline Community College
Dissertation: Discursive Pedagogies: A Post-Process Analysis of the College Writing Course
Dissertation Committee: Gail Stygall (dir), Juan Guerra, Evan Watkins, George Dillon

Marcia Mary Taylor

Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University
Dissertation: Literacy Choices: Toward Defining a Literate Culture in the Middle School Classroom
Dissertation Committee: Juan Guerra (dir), Anne Doyle, Gail Stygall, John Webster

Heidi Marie Thompson

Instructor, Clark College
Dissertation: Urobos: Visions of the Androgyne
Dissertation Committee: Steven Shaviro (dir), Evan Watkins, Katherine Cummings, Carolyn Allen

Jacqueline A. Vanhoutte

Assistant Professor, University of North Texas
Dissertation: Making England True to Herself: Community and Gender in Early English Drama
Dissertation Committee: John Coldewey (dir), William Streitberger, Otto Reinert, Sara van den Berg

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