Critical Classrooms

The Endorsement in Critical Instruction seeks to prepare instructors for working in diverse institutional settings and classrooms by building their capacities to address power dynamics and respond to imbalances that arise in their classrooms. We understand issues of power as being central to everyone’s teaching and learning experiences; these may not be visible in the same way for everyone but they operate nonetheless. Ultimately, we see the Endorsement in Critical Instruction as an opportunity to extend and deepen the instructor training that the English Department already does very well.

The Endorsement in Critical Instruction goals are to:

  • Create a sustainable space for instructors to talk about power in the classroom
  • Build critical awareness and capacities in instructors to recognize power in the classroom and subsequently be  responsive to it in their pedagogy
  • Provide support for critical pedagogy and concrete classroom content
  • Incorporate critical awareness of power into ongoing professional development

For more information, please contact Matthew Hitchman <> and Patrick McGowan <>