EWP Sample Teaching Materials

Here you will find a wealth of teaching resources that have been gathered from EWP instructors who’ve generously offered their materials for the benefit of their fellow teachers.

A note on borrowing materials: These materials are yours to draw from, so please don't hesitate to adapt these documents for your course in whatever ways you wish. Adaptation, however, is important—many of these materials are themselves iterations of materials that previous instructors have used, and these versions were produced in specific course contexts that are impossible to fully imagine through documents alone. To use these materials in your class you'll probably need to do more than print and photocopy them. You can tweak a little, or tweak a lot, but make sure that the materials you present to students have been designed with attention to the particulars of your class and assignment sequences.

A note on contributing materials: This resource is designed to be dynamic, to be updated and augmented over time. If you have documents or preferred practices that aren't represented here that you'd like to contribute, please send them as PDF attachments to ewprog@uw.edu, along with a completed permissions form. Thanks in advance for helping us build a collaborative and generous teaching community!

A note on types of materials: Our goal is to include a wide range of materials that instructors use, including syllabi, assignment sequences and prompts, lesson plans, handouts, worksheets, powerpoint presentations, grading rubrics and templates, as well as extra readings and useful links. We’ve done our best to label, describe, and organize these materials. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email one of our assistant directors, who will try to track down what you need, as well as update our site to better reflect instructors’ needs.

A note on categories of materials: While syllabi and assignment sequences are listed on their own pages and according to course, all other materials are organized according to both outcomes and specific topics. For example, a worksheet on genre analysis will appear under worksheets for both “Genre Analysis” as well as “Outcome 1.” Again, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email one of our assistant directors.

In addition, materials that are conducive to teaching language learners are labeled "ELL," those conducive to teaching with technology are labeled "CIC," and those with a multimodal emphasis are labeled “MM.” While any materials can be adapted for language learners or CIC contexts, materials with these labels cater specifically to those purposes.


- Assignment Sequences and Prompts

- Materials Organized by Outcomes

- Materials Organized by Topic

- Materials Organized by Course