One of the most significant ways that our program differs from other 100-level writing courses is the level of involvement you will have with your students. Not only are there fewer of them--you will probably be more involved in their academic lives than you have been with students in the past. Every student you will teach has a counselor with whom you will be communicating about the progress of each of your students.

One of the ways in which this communication between TAs and the student’s support staff is achieved is through the regular completion of report forms describing students’ progress in your course. In both 109 and 110 TAs provide EOP/SAAS counselors with fifth week progress reports for all students, and, for students who are struggling, problem reports. In 109 there is the additional final narrative evaluation of the student’s performance in the course (this is an important tool for the 110 TA’s understanding of the student and what they learned in 109). You will receive reminders throughout the quarter regarding the due dates of these reports and evaluations. Please send them as a Word or PDF file (.doc, .docx) with all of your EOP and SSS students in one document (organized alphabetically) and all of your SAAS students in another.

Attached here you will find template forms for your use, as well as sample forms.


Fifth Week Report

Narrative Evaluation

Problem Report


Sample Fifth Week Report

Sample Fifth Week Report

Sample Narrative Evaluation

Sample Narrative Evaluation

Sample Problem Report