Learning Goals and Outcomes


In order to strengthen the connections between 109/110 and other 100-level EWP courses, we have adopted the 131 outcomes and applied them to the 109/110 sequence. One of the challenges of this adaptation is that, in a two-quarter sequence, many of these outcomes are developed over two quarters. 

One way to think about working towards these outcomes in 109 is through the following set of learning goals:

·         To be able to read and annotate academic articles
·         To gain familiarity with traditional academic grammar and style conventions
·         To be able to write in various academic genres (for example: summaries, précis/abstracts, response papers, rhetorical analyses)
·         To acquire a vocabulary for discussing writing (for example: claim, organization, introduction, conclusion, transition, rhetorical conventions/situations)
·         To begin formulating and developing a complex claim
·         To write several short pieces and one longer (4-6 pages) analytical argument essay that goes through a draft-revision process and incorporates earlier writing assignments


By the end of 110, students should be able to demonstrate proficiency in all of the EWP course outcomes.


Like other EWP courses, 109/110 are both portfolio-based. While the 109 portfolio should showcase 109 Learning Goals, the 110 Portfolio works towards the EWP outcomes.