Sample Syllabi

Recall that 109/110 is a stretch model course. To that end, the pacing should be slower than 131 in both courses. The attached syllabi reflect this stretched pacing, and model various appropriate timelines.

Sample Syllabi

109 Sample One

109 Sample Two

109 Sample Three

109 Sample Four

110 Sample One

110 Sample Two

110 Sample Three

109 Sample Calendar One

109 Sample Calendar Two


Please also ensure that your 109/110 syllabus includes the following elements (attached here in "Syllabus Blurbs" for your use):

  • Portfolio Blurb
  • Plagiarism Blurb
  • Accomodations Blurb
  • UW Safe Camus Blurb
  • Complaints Blurb
  • Campus Resources (Including IC)