109/110 assignment sequences reflect the stretch model pacing. The number and length of assignments will vary from course to course. Individual assignments tend to target specific learning tasks that move students toward fulfilling the 109 Learning Goals and the 110 EWP Outcomes.

The English 109 portfolio will consist of all the writing from the quarter that demonstrates the skills from the 109 Learning Goals. Where as in English 131 there are two assignment sequences consisting of 3 short papers and one major paper, English 109 can be successfully structured in a variety of ways. Assigned papers may include:

·         1-2 summaries

·         1-2 precis

·         2-3 close readings/extended definitions/annotating the text

·        1 1-2 alternative assignments

·         Mid-quarter assessment reflection essay

·         1 First draft /peer reviewed draft/final draft assignment-longer academic article

·         Final reflection letter

The student would select at least several revised artifacts in addition to the two larger essay drafts.

The English 110 portfolio is based on the EWP Outcomes and will resemble the 2 sequence model from English 131. However, English 110 is not an English 131 course, and the pacing of the course, including assignments, should reflect this. You may find it helpful to think of English 110 as the second half of a 131 course. You will be expected to use the portfolio for this quarter as well, so students can select one of the two essays to submit for their final assessment.

Sample Sequence for 109

·         109 Reflection Essay

·         Summary

·         Precis

·         Close readings/extended definitions/annotating the text

·         Alternative assignment

·         First draft/per reviewed draft/final draft assignment

·         Portfolio Reflection letter 

Sample 109 Sequences

Sample One

Sample Two

Sample Three

Sample Four

Sample 110 Sequences

Sample One