200/300/400 Level Courses - Summer 2019

Course descriptions are available through the links below. When faculty have not provided a specific description, the UW General Catalog description is provided.

Course offerings for future quarters are tentative and are subject to change. For the most up-to-date schedule and registration information, please consult the UW Time Schedule.

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Summer 2019 A-term

Number Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meetings
200 B Reading Literary Forms 11403 John O'Neill MTWTh 9:40am - 11:50am
207 A Introduction To Cultural Studies 11405 E. Laurie George MTWTh 12:00pm - 2:10pm
MTWTh 12:00pm - 2:10pm
210 A Medieval And Early Modern Literature, 400 To 1600 11406 Paul Remley MTWTh 9:40am - 11:50am
242 A Reading Prose Fiction 11408 Norman Wacker MTWTh 9:40am - 11:50am
243 A Reading Poetry 11410 Carrie Matthews MTWTh 10:50am - 1:00pm
277 A Introduction To Children's And Young Adult Literature 14501 Hee Eun Lee MTWTh 9:10am - 11:20am
281 A Intermediate Expository Writing 11414 Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill MTWTh 9:40am - 11:50am
281 B Intermediate Expository Writing 11415 Norman Wacker MTWTh 12:00pm - 2:10pm
284 A Beginning Short Story Writing 11418 David Shields MTWTh 9:40am - 11:20am
346 A Studies In Short Fiction 11426 E. Laurie George MTWTh 9:40am - 11:20am
MTWTh 9:40am - 11:20am
422 A Arthurian Legends 11432 Paul Remley MTWTh 12:00pm - 2:10pm

Summer 2019 B-term

Number Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meetings
200 A Reading Literary Forms 11402 Megan Callow MTh 9:40am - 11:50am
TW 9:40am - 11:50am
200 D Reading Literary Forms 11404 Frances McCue MTWTh 12:00pm - 2:10pm
242 B Reading Prose Fiction 11409 Gillian Harkins MTWTh 12:00pm - 2:10pm
302 A Critical Practice 11421 Mark Patterson MTWTh 9:40am - 11:50am
353 A American Literature: Later Nineteenth Century 11428 Mark Patterson MTWTh 12:00pm - 2:10pm
370 A English Language Study 11430 Gail Stygall MTWTh 12:00pm - 2:10pm
471 A Theory And Practice Of Teaching Writing 11433 Gail Stygall MTWTh 3:30pm - 5:40pm

Summer 2019 Full-term

Number Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meetings
204 A Popular Fiction And Media 14466 Norman Wacker to be arranged
259 A Literature And Social Difference 11412 Shawn Wong MW 9:40am - 11:50am
295 A Study Abroad 11420 to be arranged
310 A The Bible As Literature 11422 John Griffith MTWTh 8:30am - 9:30am
491 A Internship 11436 to be arranged
492 A Advanced Expository Writing Conference 11437 to be arranged
493 A Advanced Creative Writing Conference 11438 to be arranged
499 A Independent Study 11439 to be arranged