Writing Programs

The Department of English offers or is connected with a number of writing programs for graduate and undergraduate students, including:

Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing Program is a two-year Master of Fine Arts program offering degrees in poetry and prose. The program admits only ten to twelve students each year, which allows us to fully fund all accepted M.F.A. candidates. For undergraduates there is an option to major in English with a writing emphasis.  Learn more about the Creative Writing Program »

Expository Writing

Our Expository Writing Program offers an array of writing courses that prepare students for writing in a variety of academic contexts. More than 4,000 students each year take one of our courses, each of which satisfies the University's "C" course or composition requirement. Learn more about the Expository Writing Program »

Interdisciplinary Writing

Our Interdisciplinary Writing Program offers expository writing courses linked with lecture courses in various disciplines. These writing courses are designed to help students improve their writing skills while further exploring ideas and materials assigned in the lecture courses. Learn more about the Interdisciplinary Writing Program »

Puget Sound Writing Project

Offers an Invitational Institute and an open Writing Institute for all K-12 teachers interested in writing and the teaching of writing. It also offers onsite workshops in partnership with schools and districts. Learn more about the Puget Sound Writing Project »

Summer Camp

The UW offers summer writing camps for youth, most taught by PSWP-trained instructors . Contact www.summer-camp.uw.edu (see Short Courses) or call 206 543-2310.

Other Writing Programs and Courses

A list of courses and programs in creative and expository writing offered through UW programs and through other organizations and institutions locally.  See the list of other writing programs and courses »

Writing Requirements and Other Campus Resources