Past Roethke Readers

Past Roethke readers include a good many Pulitzer Prizes, MacArthur Fellowships, and National Book Awards among their accomplishments. The accompanying pictures are for the most part those submitted at the time by the poets for use in publicity flyers.  From 1975 through 1979, Betty Bigelow, a local artist, produced handsome line drawings of the poets, based on their publicity photos, for use in the Roethke Reading announcements.

Alice Fulton
2016 Alice Fulton
David Ferry
2015 David Ferry
Ellen Bryant Voigt
2014 Ellen Bryant Voigt
Kay Ryan
2013 Kay Ryan
Heather McHugh
2012 Heather McHugh | Heather's home page
D. A. Powell
2011 D. A. Powell
Gyertrud Schnackenberg
2010 Gjertrud Schnackenberg
Paul Muldoon
2009 Paul Muldoon
  2008 Mary Jo Salter and Brad Leithauser
  2007 Robert Bly | Robert's home page
  2006 W. D. Snodgrass
  2005 Adam Zagajewski
C.K. Williams
2004 C. K. Williams
X.J. Kennedy
2003 X. J. Kennedy
Anthony Hecht
2002 Anthony Hecht
Tomaz Salamun
2001 Tomaz Salamun
2000 J. D. McClatchy
Colleen McElroy
1999 Colleen J. McElroy
Jorie Graham
1998 Jorie Graham
Charles Wright
1997 Charles Wright
Lucille Clifton
1996 Lucille Clifton
Richard Howard
1995 Richard Howard
Galway Kinnell
1994 Galway Kinnell
Gerald Stern
1993 Gerald Stern
Maxine Kumin
1992 Maxine Kumin
Mark Strand
1991 Mark Strand
Denine Levertov
1990 Denise Levertov
1989 May Swenson
Adrienne Rich
1988 Adrienne Rich
Seamus Heaney
1987 Seamus Heaney
james Merrill
1986 James Merrill
Carolyn Kizer
1985 Carolyn Kizer
Mona Van Duyn
1984 Mona van Duyn
W.S. Merwin
1983 W. S. Merwin
Robert Fitzgerald
1982 Robert S. Fitzgerald
Donald Justice
1981 Donald Justice
Philip Levine
1980 Philip Levine
William Stafford
1979 William Stafford
Muriel Rukuyser
1978 Muriel Rukeyser
Richard Hugo
1977 Richard Hugo
Gary Snyder
1976 Gary Snyder
Stanley Kunitz
1975 Stanley Kunitz
Elizabeth Bishop
1974 Elizabeth Bishop
David Wagoner
1973 David Wagoner
James Wright
1972 James Wright
  1971 Richard Wilbur
  1970 Howard Nemerov
  1969 John Berryman
  1968 Robert Penn Warren
  1967 Archibald MacLeish
  1966 Rolfe Humphries
  1965 Robert Lowell
  1964 John Crowe Ransom