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Program for Writing Across Campus

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The mission of the Program for Writing Across Campus is to offer discipline-linked writing courses that create small intellectual communities focused on students’ development as writers. Through personalized instruction, including conferencing over writing in progress, we partner with our students to help them cultivate disciplinary and rhetorical knowledge, and confidence in their communication skills and practices.

We celebrate the different communities and audiences that students want to engage with, and we respect their aims as composers. We see collaborative engagement over context-specific writing as an important means of fostering students’ academic, professional, and personal success.

All PWAC courses earn either composition (“C”) or additional writing (“W”) credit. They can be divided into three categories: 

  • Technical and Professional Communication courses, which include a variety of offerings in technical, professional, and business writing. 
  • Linked writing courses, which are tied to large lecture courses in disciplines ranging from Music to Biology
  • Unlinked writing courses, which are not formally linked to lecture courses, but still grounded in the broad disciplinary domains of the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.

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