Research Groups

English Department faculty, staff and students pursue scholarly and professional interests through numerous activities-- from informal reading groups to membership in national organizations. A handful of these are listed below.

If you are active in such a group and would like it listed here, please contact us.

Reading and Writing Affect is a monthly reading group and writing workshop that offers a thorough overview of the current field of affect theory and related discourses such as trauma studies and phenomenology.

Comic Studies — Comics have entered university curricula and multiple annual conferences, such as the International Comic Arts Forum, specialize in comics scholarship. As a field of study, comics scholarship is inherently interdisciplinary and hence divided on many topics.

Medieval Studies Graduate Interest Group aims to bring together medieval scholars from a wide variety of departments on campus to foster collaboration between disciplines on topics concerning the middle ages. The group is open to graduate students, faculty, staff, undergraduates and community members interested in the Middle Ages.

Teaching with Technology brings together graduate teaching assistants from various departments to discuss and develop technology-based teaching tools and lessons. 

The eighteenth and nineteenth century works-in-progress group will provide a collegial forum in which graduate students and faculty members can share work including master's essays, book or dissertation chapters, and journal articles. Our aims are to promote scholarly cross-century collaboration among graduate students and faculty members and to increase the departmental presence of eighteenth and nineteenth century studies.