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A head and shoulders portrait of a white person with short purple hair and round glasses. They are wearing a black turtleneck, and stand in front of a brick wall. They are smiling widely.
Graduate Student, Predoctoral Student
Megan Callow
Associate Teaching Professor, Director, Interdisciplinary Writing Program
Recent photo of me
Associate Professor
Graduate Student, Predoctoral Instructor, Assistant Director, Expository Writing Program
Associate Professor, Emerita
Tom Foster
Part-time Lecturer
Image of Jenny Haden
Graduate Student, Predoctoral Instructor
Headshot of Chris Holstrom
Graduate Student, Predoctoral Instructor, Interdisciplinary Writing Program
Rachel Naomi Lee 2020
Graduate Student
Part-time Lecturer
Part-time Lecturer
Graduate Student
Leroy Searle
Professor Emeritus
Jesse Oak Taylor
Associate Professor, Director, Undergraduate Programs
Kathleen Woodward
Professor, Director of the Simpson Center for the Humanities, Lockwood Professor in the Humanities


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