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Glorious and Immortal Headshot
Graduate Student, Predoctoral Instructor
Graduate Student
A head and shoulders portrait of a white person with short purple hair and round glasses. They are wearing a black turtleneck, and stand in front of a brick wall. They are smiling widely.
Graduate Student, Predoctoral Student
Julian Barr
Graduate Student
Anis Bawarshi
Professor, Chair, Thomas L. & Margo G. Wyckoff Endowed Professor
Graduate Student, Predoctoral Instructor
Rocío Chueco Montilla
Graduate Student
JSC Headshot
Part-time Lecturer
Jacki Fiscus Portrait
Graduate Student
Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges
Teaching Professor, Director, Computer-Integrated Courses
profile pic
Graduate Student
Olivia Hernández profile
Graduate Student
Alysse Hotz
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
person standing by water
Graduate Student, Predoctoral Instructor
Carrie Matthews
Associate Teaching Professor,
Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant
Teaching Professor
Graduate Student
Mark Patterson
Associate Professor, Curriculum Coordinator, Scheduling
Woman with blue hair in a red leather jacket standing in front of Lake Crescent
Graduate Student
Dr. Anu in a red dress in conversation
Teaching Professor, Joint Appointment with Comparative History of Ideas (CHID)
Profile of Rebecca Taylor
Graduate Student, Predoctoral Instructor, Assistant Director, UW in the High Schools
John Webster Washington
Associate Professor, Director of Writing, College of Arts & Sciences


Graduate, Dissertations

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