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Contents: A Note From the Chair / Anis Bawarshi, Sandra Silberstein Wins Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award, English Department Welcomes New Faculty, Faculty Profile / Robert McNamara, Faculty Highlights / Fall 2016, Faculty Emeriti Luncheon, Alumnae Profile / Ryan Bort, In The Community / Louis Chude-Sokei Featured in Documentary Under Our Skin, Exceptional Students: Jane Wong and Elizabeth Brown, Alumnae Update / Priscilla Long, Book Recommendations  / English Faculty Suggest Winter Reading
Contents: Chair's Letter 2016, English Department Student Awards 2015-2016, English Department Faculty Publications 2015-2016, Community Outreach: The Red Badge Project, English Department Alumni Updates
Contents: To Grow and Flourish, Noted by the Chair, Ten Takes on Austen's World, English Major at UW Among the Top-Ranked in the Nation, Emerging Directions and Continuing Traditions in the English Department, Reimagining the Humanities PhD, Helping Soldiers Tell Their Story and Defend Their Voice, CareGifted: In the End, It's All Worth It, Retirements - Tom Lockwood, Retirements - Heather McHugh, Retirements - Míċeál Vaughan, Faculty Notes, Graduate Student Notes, Alumni Notes, Recommended reading, 52nd Annual Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Reading, English Matters moves to digital only in 2016
Contents: Bangalore, India - English Around the World, Noted by the Chair, Short Takes, Ross Andrew Winery, National Awards for Two Recent English Graduates, Spain: The Question of National Identity and the Modern Concept of a Nation, The Local and the Imperial: Learning to Read the Western Balkans, English in Spain, Wings to London, Letter of the Sun to the Crescent Moon: Chaucer's Alchemist Steps Out of the Shadows, Geek Girls, Retirements - George Dillon, Retirements - Joan Graham, Emeritus - John Coldewey, Emeritus - William Matchett, New Faculty, In Memoriam - Herbert Blau (1926-2013), In Memoriam - Otto Reinert (1923-2013), In Memoriam - Harold (Hal) Peter Simonson (1926-2011), Alumni Notes, Recommended Reading
Contents: Endowed Research : Hilen Endows Literary and Cultural Studies, Composition Research Team Collaborates to Better Understand Student Writing, Notes by the Chair, Ketcham Endowed Professorship: Influencing a Student’s Life, How Endowed Funds Empower Public School Teachers, Kollar Fellow Studies Little-Known Racist Archive, Loren Douglas Milliman Fund: On Mentoring, Collaborating, and Breaking Rules, Retirements - Richard Dunn, Retirements - Susan Williams, Faculty Notes, In Memoriam - Gerald John (Jack) Brenner, In Memoriam - Grace Milliman Pollock, in Memoriam - Lois Phillips Hudson, Alumni Notes, Recommended Reading