Spring 2022 English Matters

As we near the end of a busy academic year, with what we hope are sunnier days ahead, I am again deeply grateful to our department’s faculty, staff, and graduate instructors for creating community and spaces of care for students. I am especially proud of the way that we have continued to work together to build the department.  Our revised undergraduate major (a three year long collective process led by Professor Jesse Oak Taylor) has been… Read more
Student Awards and Achievements Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships Through the thoughtful generosity of our alumni and wider community, scores of our deserving graduate students realize their goals and dreams.  The ripple effects of sending our graduates out into the wider world are profound.  In the words of College of Arts and Science Dean of Humanities (and beloved English Professor) Brian Reed: The humanities open the world to students. They grant access to diverse histories,… Read more
Alumni News and Notes Rachel Arteaga (PhD 2016), along with co-editor, Rosemary Erickson, recently published Public Scholarship in Literary Studies, (2021, Amherst College Press).  From the publisher: "Rachel Arteaga and Rosemary Johnsen bring together accomplished public scholars who make significant contributions to literary scholarship, teaching, and the public… Read more
  Faculty Books Chadwick Allen's new book Earthworks Rising: Mound Building in Native Literature and Arts has been published from the University of Minnesota Press. Typically represented as unsolved mysteries or ruins of a tragic past, Indigenous mounds have long been… Read more
Recent Book Publications: MFA Graduates  The University of Washington’s Creative Writing program faculty is loaded with prolific luminaries in their categories, with constant new books, awards, films, fellowships, collaborations, and other achievements.  Beyond this faculty publishing prowess, though, lives another reason to be impressed: the Creative Writing program’s MFA admits and graduates outstanding writers with… Read more
This year the UW English Department sees the retirement of three of our very best professors: Linda Bierds, Sydney Kaplan, and Mark Patterson.  Though it is our good fortune that Linda Bierds and Sydney Kaplan will continue to teach on occasion with us through the UW post retirement rehire program, the void left by this triumvirate exiting will be obvious.  Their academic achievements and contributions to their fields are unquestionably… Read more
This edition of the UW English Department’s Recommended Reading features novels selected by Professor Jessica Burstein.  Dr. Burstein is an expert in modernism, and also teaches contemporary fiction.  Dr. Burstein’s knowledge of late-Victorian through contemporary anglophone literature is both broad and deep.  As such, the books she selects to teach make her graduate and undergraduate classes some of the most… Read more
David Russell Wagoner 1926–2021 “A Letter to an Old Poet”   Do you still believe, old man, you are a poet? If so, what you must do is so obvious, you shouldn’t need reminding. You should keep trying to do whatever you haven’t done, or start doing again what you didn’t manage to do right in the first place. You should stay alive as often as possible and keep yourself open to anything out of place and everything Read more