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UW English Ranked Among Top US Schools

USA Today rates UW as one of the very best places in the country to study English.  We place third, ahead of heavyweights such as Harvard, Yale, and Berkeley.  Read more

The undergraduate English major at the University of Washington offers students a broadly based, historically grounded introduction to the literatures of Britain, the United States, and, increasingly, Anglophone literature from around the world.  Courses in literature emphasize techniques of literary analysis, theoretical problems posed by the interpretation of texts, the social, historical, and political context of literary production and reception, and the pleasures of reading.  Most require significant written work and stress the development of critical thinking skills.  Courses in language study examine the structural, historical, social, and aesthetic dimensions of English.  Our Creative Writing Program offers a range of workshops in verse, short story, novel, and creative non-fiction or expository writing.

Students majoring in English are exposed to a variety of critical perspectives, and have the opportunity to pursue interests in literary history, critical theory, language study, cultural studies, and creative writing.  Good writing, analytical ability, research skills, and a broadened perspective on the world are among the practical accomplishments majors can expect to acquire, all of which can be applied to a range of careers.

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Student Award Recipients

Congratulations to our students winning major university-level awards and honors:

President's Medal (Graduating Transfer Student)
Heather Bervid
Mary Gates Research Fellowship 2013, College of the Environment Undergraduate Dean's Medalist... More
Hilary Roseann Bowen
Mary Gates Leadership Scholar 2015
Arista Burwell-Chen
UW Library Research Award 2015
Commencement Gonfalonier (2017)
Jack Chelgren
Dean's Medalist 2015, Arthur Oberg Prize for Poetry 2015, Academy of American Poets Prize 2015
Alexandra Deem
Mary Gates Research Scholar 2013
Julie Feng
Mary Gates Leadership Award 2013, Academy of American Poets Prize 2013, Joan Grayston Poetry Prize... More
Mary Gates Scholar & UW Summer Institute Participant 2014, 2015
Alejandro Guardado
McNair Scholar 2012-13, Academic Excellence Award 2012
Anmol Hans
Mary Gates Research Scholar 2014-15
Thomas A. Lederman Endowed Scholarship (2017)
Mitch Hostletter
Mary Gates Research Grant 2014-15, Edward G. Cox Scholarship 2015
President’s Medal (graduating Senior)--2016
Verdan Jankovic
Mary Gates Research Scholar 2013, UW Summer Research Fellow in the Arts & Humanities 2013
Bonderman Travel Fellowship (2016)
Stephanie King
Commencement Gonfalonier 2015, Husky Marching Band Alumni Association Scholarship (HMBAA) 2014-15,... More
Bonderman Fellowship, 2018
Rutgers English Diversity Institute (REDI) 2013, UW Summer Research Fellowship in the Humanities... More
Mary Gates Scholar & UW Summer Institute Participant 2014
Grace Muzny
Mary Gates Research Scholar 2013
Husky 100 (2017)
Mary Gates Leadership Award 2013
Emelia Nitz-Ritter
President's Medal of Excellence 2014, Luce Scholar's Program Nominee 2013-14, President... More
Walter O-Toole
Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship 2014
Catherine Opie
Bonderman Travel Fellowship 2013
President’s Medal (Sophomore Medal) 2016
Mary Gates Leadership Scholar 2014, UWAA Remo S. and Sheila A. Galvagno Scholarship 2013-14, John... More
Vincent Pham
Fulbright Teaching Fellow 2014-15, Mary Gates Research Scholar Summer 2013, UW Summer Research... More
Samuel Pizelo
UW Library Research Award 2014, Novaris Award for Innovation, Harvard University NCRC, 2014, Mary... More
Commencement Gonfaloniere 2014
Miquelle Radich
Thomas A. Lederman Humanities Award 2015
William Connor Smith
Thomas A. Lederman Humanities Award 2013, English Honors Thesis Award 2015
Honors Thesis, 2018, Fly Fishing and the Female Form: Meditations and Investigations into the... More
Lederman Endowed Scholarship (2018), President's Medal of Excellence 2019
Profile picture
Bonderman Fellowship (2017)
Madeline Vaught
Commencement Gonfaloniere 2019