Recent News

Erik Jaccard wins the Louis and Hermoine Brown Publication Prize for his, "Not Death But Annihilation: Orwell's1984 and the Catastrophe of Englishness." The essay appears in Critical Insights: Nineteen Eighty-Four, ed. Thomas Horan (Amenia, NY: Grey House Publishing, 2016).
Congratulations to Sharmila Mukherjee, whose dissertation, "Shakespeare and the Colonial Encounter in India in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," co-directed by Laura Chrisman and Bill Streitberger, is the winner of this year's Heilman Dissertation Prize.  She receives a $500 honorarium.
Kelsey Fanning wins $500 and the Johnson Prize for an outstanding Masters Essay on a topic related to women writers, or intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and/or nation.  Her essay, "Inclusion Without Equality: The Representational Politics of Academe's Discourse of Diversity," was directed by Habiba Ibrahim.
Medina, Bergstrom, and Wang seated
In November 2016, Dylan Medina (PhD, English Composition and Rhetoric, expected 2017), Tait Bergstrom (PhD, English Composition and Rhetoric, expected 2018), and Yijun (Jay) Wang (MBA, expected 2017) joined a group of UW students, faculty, and staff receiving grants from the Amazon Catalyst program. Medina, Bergstrom, and Wang’s winning idea--for which they received $85,000 and Amazon product development support--is called... Read more
Professor Priti Sandhu has published a new book, Professional Identity Constructions of Indian Women. This study analyzes the narratives of urban, North Indian women for the diverse ways in which they construct the impact of their medium of education–Hindi, English, or a combination of both–on varied aspects of their professional and personal lives.... Read more
Nationally and locally we are going through a tumultuous and confusing time. We wish to affirm that the UW English Department values the inherent dignity and uniqueness of individuals and communities. We aspire to be a place where human rights are respected and where any of us can seek support. This includes people of color; people of all faiths, genders, national origins, political views, and citizenship status; LGBQTIA+; those with disabilities; veterans; and anyone who has been targeted,... Read more
Professor Habiba Ibrahim's article "Any Other Age: Vampires and Oceanic Lifespans" has received the Darwin T. Turner Award from African American Review, a prize given annually for the best essay representing any period in African American or pan-African literature and culture. "Any Other Age" discusses two novels about vampires--Octavia Butler’s Fledgling (2005) and Jewelle Gomez’s The Gilda Stories (1991)--that interrupt the usual flow of time in a story to explore... Read more
Two English Department faculty have recently published important new books of cultural criticism. David Bosworth's Conscientious Thinking: Making Sense in an Age of Idiot Savants (University of Georgia... Read more
The UW Simpson Center for the Humanities has announced the outcome of its fall funding round of deliberations. Two English Department faculty and a graduate student have been selected to participate in the Society of Scholars in 2017-2018. They will be pursuing research projects and sharing their work, in substantial written or other form, in a multidisciplinary, bi-weekly forum. Here are the names of the fellowship recipients and the titles of their proposed research projects: ... Read more
This fall, the English department hosted a faculty emeriti luncheon at the UW Club, attended by eighteen faculty emeriti along with their partners.  Initiated by department chair Brian Reed, the event was a wonderful opportunity to bring colleagues together, acknowledge their influence, and thank them for their many contributions to the work we do. We would like to thank the following colleagues who were able to join us: Edward Alexander, Kathleen Blake, John Coldewey, George Dillon, Richard... Read more