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Brian Reed
“Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new”: this final line from Milton’s poem “Lycidas” echoes in my ears as I sit down to write what will be, I report with mixed emotions, my final Note from the Chair for English Matters. In July I will be taking on a new administrative role, the UW Divisional Dean of the Humanities. I do not see this change as a departure or break. I may be moving across the road from Padelford and taking up residence in a new location, the Arts and Sciences Deans... Read more
medallion engraved with UW seal
Frances McCue, senior lecturer, has received a Distinguished Teaching Award.  According to one of Frances’s nomination letters, “Her class is… a celebration of the longstanding and ongoing excellence of our English and humanities departments. McCue’s energy and clear investments in the lives of her students help show them the interconnectedness between their lives and their readings; the course is not merely an academic exercise, it is a meditation on our lives... Read more
Leroy Searle Retirement
Faculty Professor Brian Reed, Chair of the Department of English, has been appointed as the inaugural Milliman Endowed Chair in the Humanities at the University of Washington in recognition of the "phenomenal work he has achieved in the field of the humanities." This endowment has been established through the extraordinary generosity of Glen S. and Alison Wyckoff Milliman (read a bit about Alison... Read more
E.J. Koh
Graduate Sarah Faulkner, English graduate student of JaneFest fame, has the truly rare honor of being awarded a UW Excellence in Teaching Award. She is one of only two Ph.D students in the entire UW system to receive this prize. Sarah Faulkner won the 2018 ... Read more
Please join us for two great workshops developed to help you craft a strong final portfolio for EWP 100-level classes (English 109/110,111, 121, 131, 182)! Selecting the Right Materials for Your Portfolio  Thursday, May 24, 2018 from 6:30-8:00pm in Mary Gates Hall 389 Are you worried about the upcoming portfolio in your English composition class? It’s 70% of your grade! Come join us for a portfolio workshop focusing on the selection of good papers and how to... Read more
Brian Reed
Robert Stacey, Dean of the University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences, has announced that Professor Brian Reed, Chair of the Department of English and Milliman Endowed Chair in the Humanities, will be the next Divisional Dean of the Humanities. “Brian Reed is a world-class scholar, an engaging teacher, and an experienced administrator,” said Dean Stacey. “I am delighted and grateful that he has agreed to succeed Mike Shapiro as Divisional Dean of the Humanities, and I look forward to... Read more
Night Hawks Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson, Night Hawks (Simon and Schuster, 2018) This new collection of stories from National Book Award winner Charles Johnson offers an eclectic range of narratives tied together by Buddhist themes and displaying all the grace, heart, and insight for which he has long been known.  Spanning genres from science fiction to realism, these stories convey messages of tolerance,... Read more
dark reflections samuel delany
We in the English Department know very well that there’s no “ex” in English major.  As such, our alums, who crack books like eggs at Beth’s Café, are constantly on the hunt for that next worthy addition to the bedside tall stack.  Our talented crew of proto-prose-pros (and poets!) answered gallantly English Matter’s urgent call for advice on which writers’ writers you ought to pick up this summer. Let’s start with ... Read more
Sarah Faulkner
What follows is English Matters' interview with Sarah Faulkner, the English Ph.D. candidate responsible for Janefest 2017.  Our conversation began over lunch at the UW Club, where she made eating an insufficiently chopped kale salad look easily polite, then finished by way of emails interjecting on her efforts to write a dissertation.  Sarah Faulkner is dynamism incarnate.  If you want to feel better about your busy life, try locating an hour of Sarah's that is not already spoken for... Read more
Janefest Ball
[Be sure to click the View Gallery button - memorable pics of a marvelous event! - Ed.]  Celebrating the life and work of novelist Jane Austen (1775-1817) on the 200th anniversary of her death, JaneFest 2017 brought 800 Austen aficionados to Mary Gates Hall for a full day of book discussions, dance workshops, and a period-costumed ... Read more