People - Faculty

For Teaching Assistants, please see the Graduate Student directory.

Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement
Russell F. Stark University Professor / 206-543-6616
Office Hours: By Appt
GRB 340
Professor / 206-543-2682
Office Hours: Office Hours: email me to set up a phone appointment
PDL B-407
Associate Teaching Professor
Director of Writing, UW Seattle
Director, Program for Writing Across Campus
Office Hours: By appointment - please email
Andrew R. Hilen Professor of American Literature and Culture
Director of Graduate Studies / 206-543-6077
Office Hours: Monday 1-2 and by appt
PDL A-105
Nancy K. Ketcham Endowed Chair of English / N/A
Office Hours: T: 1-2 pm (office), or by appt
PDL B-401
Associate Professor
Director, Undergraduate Programs
Office Hours: TH 12:45 - 1:45 and by appointment
PDL A-419
Professor / 206-543-7045
Office Hours: By appointment on M&W 3:30-4:30PM
Padelford B435
Part-time Lecturer
Office Hours: TW 1:30-2:30PM BY APPOINTMENT
Professor / 907-687-7755
Office Hours: T 1:30 - 300 PM
PDL B-430 & B-025 Creative Writing Director's Office
Associate Professor
Editor, Seattle Review / 206-543-9865
Office Hours: M&W 1-2
PDL B-432
Professor / 206-543-8635
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3-4, in person in my office; Fridays 3-4 over Zoom; and by appointment, either in person or over Zoom; email for appointments.
PDL B-424
Teaching Professor
Director, Computer-Integrated Courses / 206-543-4892
Office Hours: MW, 3:30-4:30 p.m., in-person and via Zoom (contact me for link); also by appt.
PDL A-305
Associate Professor / 206-543-2179
Office Hours: by appointment
PDL A-507
Faculty Mentor, Program in Writing and Rhetoric
Acting Assistant Professor
Office Hours: M & W from 11 - 12pm
PDL A-308
Associate Chair
Office Hours: T & Th | 10:00 - 11:00AM & by appointment
PDL A-304
Assistant Professor
Office Hours: T 3:30-4:30 and by appointment
PDL B-419
Professor / 206-543-7989
Office Hours: Winter 2024: Wed 3:30 - 4:30 pm (remote), and by appointment
PDL B-433
Grace M. Pollock Professor of Creative Writing / 360 379 1446
Office Hours: Tuesdays, noon to one, and by appointment. In Rome SQ
PDL B-437
Faculty Mentor, Program in Writing and Rhetoric
Teaching Professor
Office Hours: TuTh 1:30-2:20 and by appointment
PDL A-420
Associate Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric
Associate Teaching Professor / 206-351-0214
Office Hours: Winter 2024: T , 4:20-5:20 outside Paccar 492; & Th, 12-1 pm, Padelford A-20, & by appointment
PDL A-20
Part-time Lecturer
Office Hours: TTh 3-4
Teaching Professor / 206-931-3779
Office Hours: 11:30-12:30 on Tues and Thurs April 9, 11, 30 and throughout May. By appointment via Zoom: Appointment via zoom:
Padelford B434
Acting Assistant Professor
Office Hours: TTH 10:30-11:30, TH 12:30-13:20, and By appointment
PDL A-302
Associate Professor / 206-543-2182
Office Hours: MW 4:30-5 in Padelford; T 1-2 on Zoom (email me for the zoom link)
PDL B-421
Associate Professor / (206) 543-2274
Office Hours: By appointment
PDL B436
Assistant Teaching Professor
Office Hours: Via Zoom. Please reach out via email to schedule a meeting.
Assistant Professor
Office Hours: Tue: 1-2 [virtual: email for link] or by appointment
PDL B-426
Divisional Dean of Humanities
Milliman Endowed Chair in the Humanities / (206) 685-9969
Office Hours: By appointment
CMU 50
Professor / 206-543-6357
Office Hours: MW 1:30-2:30 & By Appointment
PDL A-412
Assistant Professor
PDL B-405
Undergraduate Program Coordinator, English
Part Time Lecturer
Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 1-4
PDL A405
Teaching Professor
Joint Appointment with Comparative History of Ideas (CHID)
Office Hours: by appointment
virtual office hours
Associate Teaching Professor / 206-685-3804
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 - 11:30
PDL A-14
Byron and Alice Lockwood Professor in the Humanities / 206-616-0941
Office Hours: T & Th 11-12 and by appointment on zoom M-F
PDL B-423
Director of the Simpson Center for the Humanities
Lockwood Professor in the Humanities / 206-543-3920
Office Hours: BY Appt
COMM 206

Emeriti Faculty

Professor Emeritus / 206-765-0547
Office Hours: M&W: 3:25-4:25, By appointment
PDL B-406
Professor Emeritus
Principal Lecturer Emerita
Assistant Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor Emerita
Associate Professor Emerita
Associate Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor Emerita

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

People - Adjuncts & Affiliates
Name Title Email/Phone
Brown, Marshall Department Affiliate, Editor, Modern Language Quarterly, Professor of Comparative Literature
Buckroyd, Peter Study Abroad Program Faculty
Chaney, Chris Affilliate Assistan Professor
Gray, Richard Adjunct
Groves, Jason Department Affiliate, Germanics 206-221-2566
Handwerk, Gary Professor
Henry, Barbara Adjunct, Slavic Languages
Heuving, Jeanne Adjunct Professor
425 352-5354
Mackey, Daphne Department Affiliate
Roraback, Erik Affiliate Associate Professor
Teuton, Christopher American Indian Studies
206 543-9082

In Memoriam

People - In Memoriam
Name Title
Allen, Carolyn Professor Emerita
Wagoner, David Professor Emeritus