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Paul Remley

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PDL A-412
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B.A., University of Cambridge (w/honors), 1981
M.A., University of Cambridge (w/honors), 1985
M.Phil., Columbia University (w/distinction), 1987
Ph.D., Columbia University (w/distinction), 1990

Areas of Specialization

Old English Literature

Activities and Interests

In my career to date as a researcher and critic, my most expansive publications have addressed Old English verse, while drawing frequently on ancillary fields such as Middle English (supported by Old French); Medieval Latin (as well as Greek and Latin scriptural tradition); manuscript study (both palaeography and codicology); patristics; Anglo-Saxon history; the Scholastic tradition; and textual criticism and bibliography. I should note my continuing work on the Middle English prose of John Trevisa and its Latin sources, undertaken with my emeritus colleague David C. Fowler, already yielding one published volume; my duties as chief editor of the comprehensive bibliography published annually in the journal Anglo-Saxon England by Cambridge University Press; my preparation of a cumulative, thirty-year Anglo-Saxon bibliography for the same publisher; and my continuing contributions to several research projects under the aegis of the Italian association SISMEL - La Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino (Florence) - to which I was elected as a Fellow in 1999. These projects include participation in the development of a compendious encyclopedia of medieval Latin authors (Compendium Auctorum Latinorum Medii Aevi); the repertory TETRA, treating transmission-histories of medieval works in the tradition of the Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum inaugurated by Paul Oskar Kristeller (mainly addressing the classics); and the annual, thousand-page bibliography Medioevo Latino, now approaching its twenty-fifth year of production.


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