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Welcome to the UW English in the High School page! This section is meant to provide you with information specific to the UWHS English program. In the links below, you can access materials for UWHS English 131 and 111 courses, information about orientations and events, and other web resources. 

Please note:

Starting Fall 2016, English 131 and 111 may no longer be co-offered with another "College in the High School" program or with AP courses. For more information, click here. For questions/concerns please contact UWHS English coordinator Candice Rai at crai@uw.edu. 

Instructor Resources

Pedagogical Resources

General resources for teaching English 131 or English 111 can be accessed at the UW Expository Writing Program's website.  For information about student registration, grade submission, or other UWHS nuts-and-bolts, please visit PCE's UW in the High School Workspace. Questions or comments about this page can be sent to the UWHS English lead liaison, Alec Fisher, at alecfish@uw.edu
Alec Fisher, Sarah Moore (lead), and Rebecca Taylor
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English Liaisons / English 111 & 131
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Candice Rai
UWHS English Coordinator

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