Fall 2022 English Matters

As the glorious Seattle summer gives way to the shorter days of Fall, and as I start my fourth year as department chair (fifth if you count my year as acting chair), I continue to be buoyed by the energy, dedication, creativity, care, and compassion of our faculty, staff, program directors, and students.  Throughout the pandemic disruptions and the continued urgency to confront legacies of racism and ongoing inequities, we have been working hard to listen and be receptive, to transform… Read more
English Matters is proud to broadcast a long list of our talented faculty’s recent awards, honors, fellowships, appearances, community involvement, and other such goodness.  Warm thanks to all our faculty for their contributions, as well as to the individuals and agencies that sponsor many of these awards. Awards and Honors Habiba Ibrahim has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor and… Read more
The University of Washington English Department warmly welcomes Dr. Janelle Rodriques to our faculty.  Professor Rodriques joins us from Auburn University as Assistant Professor of contemporary anglocreole Caribbean and Black diasporic literary fiction.  She holds a PhD in English from Newcastle University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, which she was awarded in 2016. Dr. Rodriques’ first monograph,… Read more
Professor Stephanie Kerschbaum has been honored with the 2021 Lisa Ede Mentoring Award from the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition. Professor Kerschbaum recently joined the Department of English as faculty member and director of the Expository Writing Program from the University of Delaware. The Lisa Ede Mentoring Award was established in 2015 as a biennial award to recognize an individual or group with a career-record of mentorship, including formal and… Read more
UW News has published a Q&A with Professor Maya Sonenberg about her new short story collection, Bad Mothers, Bad Daughters. Winner of the Richard Sullivan Prize in Short Fiction, the book highlights common feelings that are often silenced due to shame and societal expectations. Each story tackles the complexity of domestic relationships by offering a direct look into the family lives of women.… Read more
English Matters’ latest reading recommendations include contemporary novels from the Nigerian Diaspora, of the popular-but-not-pulp variety.  Ordered in what one might loosely call heavier to lighter reading, these books, we hope you’ll agree, are well-worth your time and attention.  Enjoy.   Goliath, by Tochi Onyebuchi. … Read more