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Equity-Based Curriculum for Incoming TAs to Teach Collaboratively

Matthew Hitchman, Max Lane, Matthew Howard, Laura De Vos, Michelle Dinh, and Lubna Alzaroo

Mission: This committee aims to create and teach 2-3 equity-based curricula designed for incoming TAs in EWP to adopt in-full and teach collaboratively.

Participants: Lubna Alzaroo, Laura De Vos, Matthew Hitchman, Max Lane, Matthew Howard, and Michelle Dinh

Our goal is to encourage TAs to foreground anti-racist curriculum and, by designing these curricula to be taught collaboratively, we hope to foster supportive relationships among TAs. By teaching these curricula collaboratively, we intend to create a built-in support network where TAs can discuss ways to approach readings, discussions, and assignments, as well as discuss any resistance or confusion they face from students.

You can find the fantastic materials developed by this group in the EWP Instructor Archive