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Forms and Genres

Forms and Genres of Language and Literature

These courses spotlight study of the significant written or literary modes of English, including poetry, the short story, the novel, drama, film, and hypertexts. These genres of literature may be approached either as the subjects of critical study or as creative practices. Because they survey both older and emerging forms of written expression, some of the courses will undoubtedly undertake a consideration of the historical terms of a genre's appearance and evolution. Still, the chief purpose of these courses will be to introduce the workings and evolution of the various genres of literature.

Course list for students who entered the major in Summer 2019 and later:

  • ENGL 318 (Black Literary Genres)
  • ENGL 329 (Rise of the English Novel)
  • ENGL 341 (Studies in the Novel)
  • ENGL 343 (Studies in Poetry)
  • ENGL 344 (Studies in Drama)
  • ENGL 345 (Studies in Film)
  • ENGL 346 (Studies in Short Fiction)
  • ENGL 347 (Studies in Non Fiction Prose)
  • ENGL 348 (Studies in Popular Culture)
  • ENGL 349 (Science Fiction and Fantasy)
  • ENGL 362 Latino Literary Genres

  • ENGL 375 (Rhetorical Genre Theory & Practice)
  • ENGL 379 (Special Topics in Genres/Media)