Guidelines for Missing EWP Classes

Email the following people as soon as possible:

Include the following information in your e-mail:

  1.      Course number, meeting times and room number;
  2.      Dates you will miss;
  3.      Reason for missing class;
  4.      Information for class coverage for one missed day:
    1.  The name of a peer substitute if you have arranged this (must be a current ASE who has taught in EWP).
    2.  If you have not found a substitute, cancel your class by sending an e-mail notification as soon as possible to your students, the EWP Coordinator, and the EWP Director. If needed, we can notify your students of a class cancellation on your behalf.
  5.     Information for class coverage for more than one missed day:
    1.  Email detailed lesson plans for missed days to EWP Director
    2.  Work with the EWP Director and substitute instructor for class continuity

Beyond these basic guidelines for handling missed classes, please know that we understand that the circumstances for missing classes are various and that, accordingly, the ways we coordinate with you to support you and your students will also require a case-by-case assessment.