Cultures in Context

These courses concentrate on exploring the historical contexts of the development of English language and literature. Courses may include a range of approaches, including literary history as well as cultural studies. At times, courses may also take up a discussion of genre or theory, but historical context remains pivotal. The goal of these courses is to introduce the ways in which literature responds to and/or shapes historical conditions.

Course list for students who entered the major in Summer 2019 and later:

  • ENGL 315 (Literary Modernism)
  • ENGL 316 (Postcolonial Literature and Culture)
  • ENGL 319 (African Literatures)
  • ENGL 320  (English Literature: The Middle Ages)
  • ENGL 322 (English Literature: The Age of Elizabeth)
  • ENGL 327 (English Literature: Restoration & Early 18th Century)
  • ENGL 330 (English Literature: The Romantic Age)
  • ENGL 331 (Romantic Poetry I)
  • ENGL 332 (Romatic Poetry II)
  • ENGL 335 (English Literature: Age of Victoria)
  • ENGL 336 (English Literature: The Early Modern Period)
  • ENGL 339 (English Literature: Contemporary England)
  • ENGL 340 (Modern Anglo-Irish Literature)
  • ENGL 351 (American Literature: The Colonial Period)
  • ENGL 352 (American Literature: The Early Nation)
  • ENGL 353 (American Literature: The Later 19th Century)
  • ENGL 354 (American Literature: The Early Modern Period)
  • ENGL 355 (American Literature: Contemporary America)
  • ENGL 360 (American Political Culture: to 1865)
  • ENGL 361 (American Political Culture: 1865 - Present)
  • ENGL 373 (History of the English Language)
  • ENGL 380 (Special Topics in Histories)