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Language and Literature Option Requirements, Autumn 2005 - Spring 2010

Autumn 2005 through Spring 2010
For students who declared the English major between Autumn 2005 and Spring 2010.
Students who declared the English major in Autumn 2010 and later must follow later requirements (Autumn 2010-Spring 2013) or current requirements (Autumn 2013 and forward). If you declared the English major before Autumn 2005, please consult an English adviser.

A minimum of 55 credits in English courses:

ENGL 202 (Introduction to English Language and Literature) and writing link ENGL 197 (Writing in the Humanities): 10 credits
(These classes have since been renumbered to ENGL 301 and 297.)

ENGL 302(Critical Practice): 5 credits
Prerequisite: ENGL 301/297 with grades of at least 2.0.

English Core: 25 credits
At least 5 credits from each of the three categories below.

English Electives: 10 credits
(ENGL 285, Writers on Writing, ENGL 297, 298, and 299 Interdisciplinary Writing courses, ENGL 491, Internships, and ENGL 474-476, courses associated with the Puget Sound Writing Project, cannot be counted toward the English major)

English Senior Capstone: 5 credits

  • ENGL 407 (Special Topics in Cultural Studies)
  • ENGL 430 (British Writers: Studies in Major Authors)
  • ENGL 431 (Topics in British Literature)
  • ENGL 440 (Special Studies in Literature)
  • ENGL 442 (The Novel: Special Studies)
  • ENGL 443 (Poetry: Special Studies)
  • ENGL 444 (Dramatic Literature: Special Studies)
  • ENGL 451 (American Writers: Studies in Major Authors)
  • ENGL 452 (Topics in American Literature)
  • ENGL 473 (Current Development in English Studies)
  • ENGL 496 (English Honors Thesis) - available to English Honors Program students only
  • ENGL 498 (Senior Seminar)

Pre-1900 Literature:
At least 15 credits in ENGL courses must be focused on pre-1900 literature taught by the English Department. (These pre-1900 literature credits may overlap with other English major requirements.)

Limit on 200-level ENGL credit:
No more than 20 credits in 200-level ENGL courses (including ENGL 202) may be applied toward the English major: all other English credits must be taken at the 300 or 400 level.

Limit on Creative Writing courses:
No more than 5 credits in creative writing courses may be applied to the Language & Literature English major. Students who have been accepted by the competitive admission process to the English: Creative Writing option follow different requirements.

At least 25 ENGL credits applicable to the English major must be taken in residence at the UW Seattle

The department also strongly recommends, but does not require, 5 credits in one of the following English language courses:

  • ENGL 370 (English Language Study)
  • ENGL 371 (English Syntax)
  • ENGL 373 (History of the English Language)
  • ENGL 374 (The Language of Literature)
  • ENGL 478 (Language and Social Policy)
  • ENGL 479 (Language Variation and Policy in North America)
  • LING 200 (Introduction to Linguistic Thought) -- through Department of Linguistics

For assistance with planning and for questions, please consult English Undergraduate Advising.

Department of English Admission and Continuation Policy (rules for satisfactory progress)