Major Core: Histories

For students following current requirements, who entered the English major in Autumn 2013 and later. If you entered the English major in Spring 2013 or earlier, please see the pre-Autumn-2013 requirement sets.

Histories of English Language and Literature

These courses concentrate on exploring the historical contexts of the development of English language and literature. Courses may include a range of approaches, including literary history as well as cultural studies. At times, courses may also take up a discussion of genre or theory, but historical context remains pivotal. The goal of these courses is to introduce the ways in which literature responds to and/or shapes historical conditions.

Course list for students who entered the major in Autumn 2012 and later:

  • ENGL 315 (Literary Modernism)
  • ENGL 316 (Postcolonial Literature and Culture)
  • ENGL 319 (African Literatures)
  • ENGL 322 (English Literature: The Age of Elizabeth)
  • ENGL 327 (English Literature: Restoration & Early 18th Century)
  • ENGL 330 (English Literature: The Romantic Age)
  • ENGL 335 (English Literature: Age of Victoria)
  • ENGL 336 (English Literature: The Early Modern Period)
  • ENGL 339 (English Literature: Contemporary England)
  • ENGL 340 (Modern Anglo-Irish Literature)
  • ENGL 351 (American Literature: The Colonial Period)
  • ENGL 352 (American Literature: The Early Nation)
  • ENGL 353 (American Literature: The Later 19th Century)
  • ENGL 354 (American Literature: The Early Modern Period)
  • ENGL 355 (American Literature: Contemporary America)
  • ENGL 360 (American Political Culture: to 1865)
  • ENGL 361 (American Political Culture: 1865 - Present)
  • ENGL 373 (History of the English Language)
  • ENGL 380 (Special Topics in Histories)