Online Teaching and Research Support

In the spirit of supporting one another as teachers and students during this time of disruption, this webpage offers a guide to taking our classes online. While the tools presented on this page will not replicate what we can do in person, we hope they will help us make the best of the situation we are facing. The webpage includes a comprehensive guide for online teaching, a link to a community support page that includes information about resources in times of need, and quick tips.

Table of Contents

A Guide to Moving Classes Online

A team of English department faculty and instructors (led by Candice Rai, Jake Huebsch, Michelle Liu, Megan Callow, and Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges) has curated a wide range of resources into a department guide. The guide includes links as well as instructional videos and tips on how to use Canvas, Zoom, Panopto, and other tools to deliver lectures, lead discussions, conduct small group activities and peer review, hold virtual office hours, assign homework, give feedback, have students do presentations, etc. The guide can help instructors decide what sort of online class they want to teach, familiarize them with available tools, help them select the right tools, and help them learn how to use these tools.

The guide is available in two formats, a google doc and a PDF. Both versions contain links.

PDF version (last updated March 29): Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption: Taking Your Classes Online

Google doc version (a live document that will be updated): Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption: Taking Your Classes Online

ASE and PTL Spring and Autumn 2020 Instructor Policies

Resources in Times of Need

Community Support for Students (including information about local food banks, financial assistance, counseling, and other resources)

"Together We Will"--UW campaign to support student and first-responder needs

"DRS Accommodations and Online Teaching" - a FAQ for students and tips for making your online teaching accessible

"Academic Success Coaching" - 1:1 support coaching for students with an academic support program coach

 Quick Tips

Starting the Quarter - Week 1

- Surviving week one (tips for managing the first week of your online/remote class)

- Syllabus Addendum Packet

- Checklist/ Q&A for Quick Transitioning (links to part of Teaching Effectively in Times of Disruption Document)

Technology How-To's and Questions

- Playlist of Short how-to videos (getting set up with Zoom, recording videos, web conferencing, etc.)

Using Zoom

- Quick tips for accessing Zoom

- Adding Zoom Recordings to Canvas

- Tips for Protecting Zoom meeting Spaces and Class Sessions

Using Canvas

  - UW-IT Teaching Online Canvas Course facilitated in Canvas
  - UW-IT Canvas Support Page

Using Panopto

- UW-IT Panopto Support Page

Participating in Online Classes

- Guidelines for Discussing Camera Use with Faculty and Students  - (Downloadable PDF)

- 15 rules of netiquette for online discussion boards

Retention, Assessment, and Grading

       - Tips for responding to student attrition in online classes and assessing student work

Library Resources

- Researching and Teaching Research Online (from Elliott Stevens)

- Library resources for online teaching and learning