English 109/110 Assistant Directors

As the graduate student associate directors, we are here to support you and your efforts in teaching English 109 and 110.  Below is a list of the ways in which we provide support for Instructors.  

Contact Information:

Barkley Ramsey

Anselma Prihandita

Office Hours:
Both directors will be available during regular office hours in Padelford A-11-B (office hours TBA at the start of each quarter). We are also available by appointment, email, and phone.
Observations and Classroom Visits: 
Each English 109 instructor will have one observation, but may schedule more classroom visits if desired.  After we observe your class, we will meet with you to discuss your teaching experiences and offer feedback.
Paperwork Distribution: 
English 109/110 requires a variety of paperwork. We are responsible for providing you with blank forms (please see "Forms" section of this page) in a timely manner and collecting paperwork from you. Most correspondence will be via email. We will organize 109 Narrative Evaluations and provide 110 instructors with the appropriate evaluations for their students.  
If necessary, either director will be available to act as liaison between instructors and EOP and SAAS staff.  We recommend that instructors first contact those staff members themselves, but if you receive no response or an unsatisfactory response, please let us know, and we will intervene.  Likewise, if you are having problems with a student, or a student is having problems with a counselor or the IC, please let us know.  We will mediate situations in which you find you would like some assistance.
We will maintain 109/110 teaching materials and make them available to you on this page, as well as a collection of books and articles that you may find of use.  We will request successful lessons, calendars, sequences, readings, and other materials from you to add to the files as well as book or article suggestions.  
Quarterly Meetings: 
In conjunction with English 109/110 instructors, the directors will organize and lead regular meetings for 109/110 teaching issues. We will generate topics of conversation with your input, reserve spaces, copy and distribute articles/materials, etc.