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Theories and Methodologies, Autumn 2012-Spring 2013

For students who entered the English major in Autumn 2012 and later.
If you entered the English major in Spring 2012 or earlier, please see the pre-Autumn-2012 requirement set.

The English Major Core requirement within the English major draws courses from among three groups, Theories and Methodologies of Language and Literature (below), Forms and Genres of Language and Literature, and Histories of Language and Literature.

Theories and Methodologies of English Language and Literature

Description: These courses foreground theoretical approaches or methodological developments, including how they affect formal or historical topics. They explore how theories and methods such as Marxism, psychoanalysis, structuralism, phenomenology, reader reception, feminism, critical race theory or ethnography have influenced the production, practice or study of literature, language and culture in English.

Course Goals: While core courses may not achieve every goal, they will participate in the conversations represented in these goals as a central feature.

  • To be able to identify main concepts, premises/assumptions, and strengths/liabilities of a theoretical or methodological approach
  • To be able to compare and contrast what is distinct about different theoretical or methodological approaches
  • To understand the historical and political contexts and stakes of different theoretical or methodological approaches
  • To engage theory and method as a focus of analysis and research
  • To examine and develop theoretical or methodological strategies for producing and circulating texts and implementing findings within salient academic and/or public conversations
  • To explore how social groups or identities emerge through or participate in the production, significance, and reception of theories and methods

Course list for students who entered the major in Autumn 2012 and later:

  • ENGL 300 (Reading Major Texts)
  • ENGL 303 (History of Literary Criticism and Theory I)
  • ENGL 304 (History of Literary Criticism and Theory II)
  • ENGL 306 (Introduction to Rhetoric)
  • ENGL 305 (Theories of the Imagination)
  • ENGL 307 (Cultural Studies: Literature and the Age)
  • ENGL 308 (Marxism and Literary Theory)
  • ENGL 309 (Theories of Reading)
  • ENGL 363 (Literature and the Other Arts and Disciplines)
  • ENGL 364 (Literature and Medicine)
  • ENGL 367 (Gender Studies in Literature)
  • ENGL 370 (English Language Study)
  • ENGL 371 (English Syntax)
  • ENGL 372 (World Englishes)
  • ENGL 374 (The Language of Literature)
  • ENGL 407 (Special Topics in Cultural Studies)
  • ENGL 440 (Special Studies in Literature)
  • ENGL 466 (Gay and Lesbian Studies)
  • ENGL 470 (Theory and Practice of Teaching Literature)
  • ENGL 471 (Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing)
  • ENGL 472 (Language Learning)
  • ENGL 473 (Current Developments in English Studies)
  • ENGL 478 (Language and Social Policy)
  • ENGL 479 (Language Variation and Language Policy in North America)